Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kids These Days 68

Kids getting sent from school for wearing something or having a style that the school didn't agree with isn't new. My cousin got sent home when we were little because he had one of those shirts that said “Crack Kills” and the image was a skinny dude stuck inside a big woman's ass. I can see why the school would do that and why his mama shouldn't have let him wear it. But there was no rule that said he couldn't. A 13 year old kid in North Yorkshire, England named Chenise Benson was sent home after showing up to school with braids. Yeah, the ones you see above. Some reports are calling them dreadlocks because they have never seen dreadlocks before. She got them for her birthday during a break in school and her dad Darren Benson is pissed because he wasted $170 on 'em because he expected the braids or his daughters interest in them to last a year.

“One of her friends at the school, who has Jamaican heritage, has the same style of haircut but with a red stripe in it rather than white, and she has been allowed to remain. I've read the policy regarding haircuts, and I can’t see what rule she has broken.” Ah, the good ol' fashioned “they did it so why can't I?” defense. The school has a policy against kids thinking their opinions matter.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Just Talking With Dante Episode 12

In this episode I talk about Pornhub BBW category going to far in the B's, a drunk dude at bus stop whose ass I almost had to kick, my raggedy ass fire alarm, stinkbugs fucking my screen, and lion getting their jaws broken. Click here for previous Just Talking With Dante.