Wednesday, July 30, 2014

From The Windows To The Wall

Damn, damn, daaaaaaamn!!! Heather sent me this story and I shook my head so hard that my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I saw my future, got scared, then returned to the present. 58 year old Sadie Bell of Michigan shot her 60 year old boyfriend Edward Lee in the gut because he didn't produce enough man gravy after having sex. Why? Because she thought this meant that he was having an affair. Now...come on. She was arrested and has been released on bond because she's a woman. Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Paul Walton said “She was pretty graphic about why she had shot him. She was convinced he was having an affair. She reached this conclusion by the fact that he didn't produce enough ejaculate. So she shot him in the stomach.” An appeal has been made to appeal the bond. Lee ended up in the hospital for five weeks having surgery on his liver, kidney, pancreas, and colon.

And why is shooting someone for making a low amount of salt malt a thing that needs to happen? There are pills and diets guys try to go on to make themselves produce more and it is never for the purpose of having children. It is because there are guys in porn that can change the color of your room when they cum and guys feel like we're supposed to do the same. There are even fake porn films where a guy has a giant fake penis and shoots fake population paste! Look. I don't want to know how to make more of something that can ruin my life. If I could cum and dust came out I'd be happy. Look like Lebron James at the beginning of an NBA game or make a chick look like Tank Girl in the shower.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kids These Days 41

I was sitting here at work and randomly thought of all the different games I used to play growing up. No, not board games because when someone I knew as a child did have one all kinds of pieces would be missing or no one quite knew the rules so people would cheat like crazy or we'd make rules up as we went along. It wasn't until I was about 30 that I played a real game of Clue. Who knew you had to match the weapon to the killer in the proper room?! I didn't.

In this Kids These Days I'm gonna write about some of my favorite ones. I wonder if kids even play most of these anymore or if its something 31 year olds and up fondly remember. Or maybe not so fondly. People got hurt!

Hot Hands. This was a game of speed and also a good excuse to whap the shit out of someone without getting in trouble. My brother used to play this with me all the time which in hindsight sucked because he was faster than me. In this game you would hold your hands palm down over someone else's open palm and try to yank your hand away before they slapped the shit out of yours. My brother used to destroy me at this but with my long fingers there was no child that could escape my whip-like digits. I would get accused of cheating so much that I learned to play this with my eyes closed to prove that I was playing fair. The rounds wouldn't switch until someone had their hands hit once or sometimes three times. Cheaters would use their middle finger to tickle your palm to get you flinchy and just as you were about to protest they would smack you. Good times.

Monday, July 28, 2014

What People Care About This Week: Missing Nigerian Girls

This week the story of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria has found its way back into the public. When I first heard this story months ago I was not shocked in the least. Whenever I hear about this like this happening in other parts of the world, particularly the Middle East and Africa, I just figure that is how these countries operate. I decided to do a little research into the men who have committed these crimes for years now not just this year and exactly what justifications they use to perpetrate their crimes. There is an insurgent group known as Boko Haram which loosely translates to “West education is a sin.” I doubt that is the exact meaning but whatever. Let's go with it. Their official name translates to “people committed to the propagation of the tradition and jihad.” Last year a state of emergency was declared against the group which led to hundreds of their members being killed.

Those that survived had moved to the mountain areas where they continue their assaults. The group, still as strong as ever, have mostly been forced into the areas surrounding Nigeria. The group, as their name states, does not want people, specifically women, being educated as it is seen as going against their Muslim beliefs. Instead girls are seen as tools for sex and cooks. That doesn't sound too different than this country less than a hundred years ago and yesterday in some parts of of right now.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bye Bye, Penis

Oh, no. This is one of those stories that I have to write with my legs crossed the entire time. A Birmingham, Alabama man by the name if Johnny Lee Bank Jr. went t the doctor for a circumcision and ended up waking up with his dick missing. How this happened is a great question. An even greater one is why would a grown ass man finally decide to get a circumcision?! He and his wife are suing because this is probably one of the best reason to sue someone. I mean, come on now. You sitting there to get a procedure that is usually when you are too young to hate your parents for doing it and you wake up thinking of how much easier it will be to clean your dick and look down and there's nothing but your balls dangling there wondering what they're supposed to do now. The hospital claims that the patient lacks merit which means this hospital does not know the definition of the term merit. This case has all the merit.

The claim states that Bank nor his wife “gave consent for the complete or partial amputation of (his) penis.” according to the suit. Now he is spending extra time in the hospital and is going home without a dick. I doubt they saved it on ice or anything. His wife is a part of this lawsuit because she has claimed “loss of consortium” which translates to “I can't fuck my man no more!” Thanks, Obamacare. I couldn't imagine the level of every form of rage I would feel if this shit happened to me. You ever hear the phrase “There are no words”? Well, in this case there really isn't. This isn't something you can just sigh about and get back to a normal life. And since it was removed by doctors they probably made sure that there is no way to put his or another dick back on. I would just spend the rest of my days just staring at where my junk used to be and singing sad R&B songs to it. 

Five Things I Learned Being Tall

I'm 6 foot 1...when I stand up straight. When I get called big or tall it takes me a moment to register this fact. Even at my age I have not accepted this height and I sure as hell don't really use it to my advantage. I don't play sports for shit and all my activities I enjoy can be done by someone with no lower half. Its something I wanted just to beat up my brother and father but other than that there's really no reason for me to be this height. I could stand to lose a few inches and I'd be fine with it while there are millions of men and women who want to be bigger than they are.

In this Five Things I Learned Being Tall I'm gonna go over the pros and cons of being four inches taller than the average American male height...and longer in others. Hi-yo! I know there are some people that will read this and think that its bullshit to complain about being tall. Just bear with me as I explain some of this stuff because it just may make you appreciate whatever height that you are. Or not. Whatever. I don't take advantage of my height. I don't play any sports and I don't use my size to intimidate anyone. This is a waste on me. And, yeah, there are people taller than me but I don't know where their blogs are. Let me bitch in peace!

I Can Reach Things

When I started growing it was weird because it was very sudden. I grew three inches over one summer and though that may not seem like a lot to some, find something in your house that is three inches tall and stand on top of it. Notice the difference? Except for me this was permanent and I kept on going. All of a sudden the ground is further away than it used to be and I felt like I was walking around on stilts. I never expected to be tall (I do not have a tall family) so this all caught me off guard.

Once I kinda got used to being in this new mutant body I realized that I could now reach things I had to stand on my toes for. The top of the fridge was easy to get to...and filthy. That's another thing you start to notice. You begin to spot how dirty things are that people normally don't get to see. The combination of having arms longer than they should be as well as fingers means that I will never lose a game of Hot Hands.

You Get Asked To Reach Things

Welcome to the world of reaching for things for folks! I have to admit this is fun at first. Stuff that you used to have to get a ladder for or worse climb on the counter to get are now just a stretch away. And sometimes a pulled muscle. People who are tall rarely have to use all their height particularly me. I hate stretching. Sometimes you can reach shit you didn't think you could. I pulled a parking slip off the dashboard of a car the other day without even having to lean forward. That was nice but made me very aware that I have arms that are too long for my body. Three inches too long if you wanna know. One of the most embarrassing things is actually being able t reach something and then realizing that its heavy as shit. Height does not equal power.

Bumping Your Head Is The New Danger

This took some serious getting used to. I was accustomed to being able to squeeze between things. Ducking was something mutants that were too tall for this time period. Now that I was one of them I had to start lowering my head to clear things. Banging my head on cabinets was something brand new and exciting. How many concussions were caused just in the kitchen? Who knows?! My glasses don't help in this new world of height either.

Mind you, I spent most of my life small, accepted this fate, and was thrust into this strange new world. My glasses make the world appear smaller than it is so I tend to duck down at the last moment. I will see other people coming towards me in the street and laugh because they look all lanky only to pass them and realize that they are inches shorter than me. Shit.

Buying New Clothes Sucks

Never mind the whole buying shoes problem. My brother warned me when my feet were growing faster than my body that I needed to stop at size 12 as if I had control over it. Honestly, by that point I wanted to be taller to whip all the ass. I reached size 13 and every pair of shoes in that size looked like something a child would play in. Till this day I laugh when I see my shoes on the floor only to sadly realize that they fit me like a glove.

As for clothes, when yo grow you don't always grow equally. My hands have been large since I was a child. My feet started matching my grade once I was 10 years old (size 5 for 5th grade, size 9 for 9th grade and so on). My legs aren't particularly long but I got a lot of torso and wide ass shoulders. I like my shoulders fine but they force me to get shirts that are bigger than I need. In a fair world I'd were large but in reality I have to buy XL unless I wanna Hulk out of my clothes. At Old Navy I have to get XXL because sometimes I just don't feel fat enough.

Short People Want What You Got

When I was short I wanted height until I got it. My favorite height was 5'9” because of clothes and the fact that I was already taller than most people in my family and school. I have friends that are shorter than me that wish they were taller and I can sit here and complain about being tall and it'll fall on deaf ears. Short people don't want to hear any bitching about feeling too tall! I feel the same way about this as when I see people wearing glasses that don't need them. Its a grass is greener on the other side situation.

There are times when being tall is a good thing. When you lay sports for instance. Also, if you're a tall girl you live in hell. Most guys are short nowadays and you can not wear those heels you bought. I had an ex that loved that I was my height since she was 5'8” and had three inch heels. You can also be asked if you're a model or want to be one or if you play basketball which is a sly way of asking if you're a lesbian. You should see the look of disgust I get when I tell people I don't play basketball. I am wasting my height and am fully aware of it. No matter what height you are you should just like it. At least you can buy clothes that fit and aren't in constant danger of having your head concussed.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dying From Caffeine

There are some things that people do that just confuse me completely. Having more than three kids. Running up massive amounts of cash on credit cards. And letting yourself get over 300lbs. Now I can add powdered caffeine to this list. Recently an 18 year old kid from Ohio named Logan Stiner overdosed on caffeine and died. This isn’t like that last story I did where that girl died from too many energy drinks. This was straight up caffeine. White girl. Phyllis Hyman. Booger sugar. Nose candy. Yeyo. Destiny’s Child. White lines. Billy Ocean. Happy dust. Lady Gaga. Sorry. Wrong drug. Either way this shit is available and I had no idea which is good because chances are I would have been mainlining this years ago.

After an autopsy was done Stiner had over 70 micrograms per milliliter of caffeine in his blood which is said to be 23 times the amount of someone who regularly drinks coffee and soda. His mother said that she didn’t know her son was taking the stuff which is sold as a dietary supplement. When added to drinks it works like regular ass caffeine times too much. It helps control weight killing you. 1/16th of a teaspoon is as much as two cups of coffee and I’m sorry but no one needs to be that awake. There are people watching over world leaders who aren’t that damned alert.

“The difference between a safe amount and a lethal dose of caffeine in these powdered products is very small” FDA spokeswoman Jennifer Dooren said. Some doctors are saying that they have seen an increase of hospital visits from younger people who have taken this. Dr. Henry Spiller of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio said that they have gotten three cases in a week. “I can't believe you can buy this. Honestly, I mean, it's frightening. It makes no sense to me.”

Monday, July 21, 2014

The New Breed Of Teachers

This post is going to be close to the opposite of what I just posted. Full of double standards and wrong ideas that most people wouldn't share with the public. Another hot teacher is in trouble for having sex with a student. Danielle Watkins, 32 of Connecticut, is being charged with sexual assault and selling weed. She was boning an 18 year old student and said that she was going to fail him after he tried to end their fling. The guy told police in Stamford that they had been having sex from September of last year until June of this one. He said that he and Danielle had sex during school hours but not on school grounds. On lunch breaks I'm guessing. Danielle is married with two children and let the guy drive her car even though he had no license. She also gave him weed. If this wasn't a teacher it sounds like this would be a pretty cool relationship. She also sent him naked pictures of herself because that is what nice people do for one another. The victim says when he tried to split with her she also accused him of being with someone else and assaulted him.

After police found out about her nonsense Danielle was pulled over and started getting mouthy with cops as they searched her car. She tried to hide her cell phone (which never works) as well. They found marijuana in her car and then took it along with her phone. On the phone they found 2,000 text messages, hundreds of phone calls, and naked pictures sent to the guy. Why did she save that stuff on her phone? Is that something you cell phone users do? She has been placed on administrative leave by the school.

The Most Deserved Ass Kicking

How do you feel about instant justice? I like it. Some people call it karma immediately proving that they have never bothered to look up the definition of the word. I think it's just the universe righting itself is an rather quick manner. I saw this story and it reminded me of things I have said regarding being a father. No, I am not a father and never will be, but that doesn't keep me from fantasizing being a Liam Neeson level dad that will risk prison in honor of my children. An unnamed father in Florida beat the living shit out of this assclown, 18 year old Raymond Frolander. Frolander was supposed to be babysitting this kid. The father, who I shall refer to as Vengeance Dad, found Frolander in bed with his 11 year old son sexually assaulting him. What happened next is an attack the likes of which have not been seen since March 3rd, 1991...or any other random day in Los Angeles. Here is some of the transcript from the 911 call the father made after beating this guy like a drum.

Caller: “I just walked in and found a grown man molesting my son, and I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now, officer.”

Dispatcher: “You said the person who assaulted, you beat him up?”

Caller: “Oh yeah, send him an ambulance. He's going to need one.”

Graphic image of Frolander below.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Kids These Days 40

Growing up I was exposed to a lot of different candies, some of which no longer exist for social, health, or political reasons. I was watching a bunch of food clips from Buzzfeed (and have now developed a crush on a few of the women on there) and it got me to thinking about the strange Mexican candy I ate when I was a young boy. These are five of the ones that I managed to not only eat consistently but despite all the lead and asshole destroying ingredients managed to survive.

Limon. Guess the ingredients of this one. If you said salt, then you are correct! Well, with some lime flavoring. With more salt. Till this day I'm not sure what was the purpose of eating these. And I would eat packs and packs of these. Licking them off my filthy 1980's kid hands or when I felt like shortening my lifespan I would just dump the whole packet into my mouth. My heart rate would speed up, my mouth would go dry, I'd clutch my chest. This candy game you all the side effects of a major organ failing yet I would keep on eating it. Sometimes I would mix the yellow and green packets together, raise one to the sky, and challenge god to a duel. Your move, holy man. There were some kids that would mix this with sugar. I forget what we used to call those kids. Oh, that's right. Pussies. You eat your lime salt straight or get the fuck out of my neighborhood!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

36 Year Old Mother And A 12 Year Old Boy

This is gonna be one of those posts that is full of double standards and examples of what a terrible human being I am. A 36 year old woman in Florida named Joy McCall was given ten years in prison with 134 days of credit for time served after sleeping with a 12 year old boy. The boy was her friends son which gives this an extra little stank on it. And the fact that she has a son his age. Joy pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child. She was sentenced this week but arrested back in February after the boy told his friend that he was boning his mothers friend while in church. No, not boning in church. He told his friend in church. Then this “friend” told his mother. Then this mother contacted the other mother who checked her sons phone and sure enough there were text messages full of the sexy time as well as a picture of Joy in her draws. The police were contacted and an investigation started because no one is allowed to have fun. I'm kidding. But not. Joy contacted the kid a bunch of times on Facebook which is why your kid shouldn't have Facebook until they are in high school.

If you have a kid under 15 that has Facebook they are talking about shit they shouldn't. If you have a kid in high school that has Facebook it's a safe assumption that wrong shit is happening. She made plans to meet up with him at the mall where they had sex in her car. They also had sex in a wooded area which is something I would never do because fuck nature.

According to cops they had sex a total of three times which means it's closer to being around ten because math. In the mall incident he got a ride from his brother, said he had to use the bathroom, and got his bone on. In the others he told his parents he was going for a bike ride. Oh, he was going for a ride alright. You know what I'm talking about.

I know there are a lot of women reading this and are horrified and disgusted with this women. And they should be. There are also a lot of men that are. Then there are the men that don't lie to themselves and wish that some shit like this happened to them when they were 12. Between the ages of 10 and 16 I would have had sex with any woman that offered it but chubby Black boys weren't a hot commodity.

I am fully aware that sex with a child is terrible. If I had a kid and an adult was having sex with them I'd be in prison for murder. But...I vividly remember what it was like being a 12 year old boy and if a woman that looked like Joy was offering I would be accepting. Ten years in prison doesn't sound like a lot of time but then again this is a woman and they tend to get lighter sentences in America. Plus this happened in Florida where you get a ticket for disturbing neighbors after shooting kids because guns are loud. When I hear stories of women having sex with young boys I always have the same two questions. 1. How does she look? 2. How did the law find out? Joy looks okay. She has great hips. Looking through all the pictures of her online she is inconsistent with her makeup. As for question two, the friend who told his mom is no friend I'd ever want to have. The victim isn't going to jail. That boy who told would have to watch his back for ruining my sex. Again, I am aware of how terrible all this sounds. He'll be 22 and ruined sexually by the time she gets out. She'll be 46, divorced, and her life ruined. I doubt her husband and kids are understanding of this. But then again...Florida

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dante Vs. Nature 43

Oh, boy. In Seattle this guy who wanted to kill a spider ended up burning his house down. Bet you're wondering how killing something that is so small can turn into a home being burned to the ground. While in his laundry room he spotted a spider and figured that his only option to kill it was to use a lighter and spray paint. The wall burst into flames and then the rest of the house followed suit. The home, which is...was a rental, will cost about $40,000 to repair. Red Cross is putting him up until he finds a place for him and his woman to live. Nope. If I ever did something this dumb I'd lie my ass off about the cause. Were there no shoes in his home to kill the spider with? This is the kinda dumb shit you'd do if you were 9 years old and feeling particularly pre-sociopathic. This guy should be homeless and single. Its not like I'm defending spiders. Fuck spiders. But fuck stupid people more.

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Reporters End Up In Hospital Because Of Burger

Two British journalists named Arron Hendy and Ruari Barratt ended up at a hospital after eating a hamburger. This wasn't like that poison burger I had when I worked at the hospital and got food poisoning that lasted six days. They both had one bite of a burger called XXX Hot Chilli Burger. They stopped at a place called Burger Off where they got to experience getting wrecked by food. The paper they work for, Argus, reported “After taking one bite he decided the burger was too spicy to eat anymore and was physically OK after drinking lots of milk.” Now, if someone I am hanging with eats a burger and stops after one bite chances are I'm not gonna try it. I'm just not that adventurous and I value my asshole enough to play with it this way. If it's hot going down it's gonna be close to as bad coming out. But not everyone thinks like me because the other reporter, Barratt, who is in training took a bite. He got it worse.

“He took a bite and minutes later suffered severe stomach pains, which increased. He lost the feeling in his hands, his legs were shaking and his eyes rolled back in his head.” They say that Hendy started getting these same symptoms but later. Hendy later said “If you're thinking of trying this burger for a dare, just don't.” Thanks for the advice!

Yoga In Traffic

51 year old woman from Ocala, Florida named Michele Cernak decided that the best thing to do when she was high out of her mind was to do some yoga in the middle of the highway while wearing nothing but her draws. When the police showed up after a 911 call and checked her truck, that she was 10 feet away from, they found heroin and drug paraphernalia. They noticed that she was bleeding from the ankle. She told them that she was shooting heroin. She ended up being charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors and has a bond of $5000. You know, despite being a 51 year old heroin addict, this lady looks pretty good. Or maybe I'm just so used to seeing meth addict mugshots that ones with heroin look okay to me. I wouldn't expect a heroin addict to even get the idea into their head to leave the house let alone break out the yoga. I'd be mad if drugs made me active. I like to think that if I got stoned that I would just sit there and stare at the walls. Like how I do normally. Not exercising. 

Out of this whole thing I think what bothers me most is that she was doing yoga in her draws. You know good and damned well that if a chick is gonna be doing yoga she needs to be doing it in yoga pants. Preferably black but whatever. I don't like yoga, did it once and ruined my neck, but I love what women wear when they are doing it. Hell, they don't even have to do yoga for me to enjoy a chick in yoga pants. Next to plaid skirts these are the best things ever invented for women. I don't care about high heels. Expensive ass makeup. Hairstyles. Whatevers. Yoga pants. But sadly Ms. Cernak didn't have those on. She had draws. And was high on heroin. In traffic. In Florida. I don't care how hot a chick is a woman that gets high enough to do yoga in the middle of the street is just too much for me. I think. But if a chick looked great in yoga pants during the week and wore plaid skirts on weekends I'd deal with the whole being a junkie thing. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ladies That's Not A Purse

Why do women use their vajayjays like purses? 42 year old Jennifer Renee Crosby of Florida was arrested when she was riding with Robert William King and he was pulled over because his windows were tinted. When cops asked him for his license he shouted “I don't have a license! I'm habitual!” Then the police noticed that Jennifer seemed nervous asked asked if she was holding. At first she lied and said that she didn't have drugs when asked but when they said they were bringing a female cop to give her the business she said “I have drugs up my vagina.” While having the drugs removed, crack cocaine because apparently it's 1987 again, she said “Ouch! The foil is hurting the inside of my vagina.” Well, yeah. That'll happen. Jennifer and Robert had the drugs and $3.743 in cash on them. She was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cocaine while King was busted for as habitual offender charge. Thankfully no kids are missing in this because that would be just too much Florida for one story.  

Tale of Two Gregory's Jerking It

Gregory N. Kotzar, a 56 year old of Dover, Delaware, is in trouble for jerking it in his backyard while being butt booty ass naked. Some chick employees at a dental office that were able to see this freak-show called police saying that they saw him walking around nude and touching his nasty old thangy thang. Oh, and the fact that a few months prior h had left some business cards at the dental office. He's done this a few times and enough is enough. He was charged with four counts of indecent exposure and two of lewdness. He was released on $4000 bond. I would've left his ass in jail for a while and seen if he did the same routine there. May I add that this guy does not look like he was built properly? The head, shoulder, neck ratio seems to be all out of whack. If I saw this guy playing his fiddle in public I think I'd stare a little longer than needed just because he looks so weird. It'd be like if you were hiking and stumbled across Bigfoot masturbating. Should you run? Yes. Should you look? No. But you will. Shut up. You know you'd watch some Sasquatch beating it.

Then down in Florida 53 year old Gregory Johnson was jacking off in his car. In front of a family. In the parking lot of a Walmart. He was also carrying condoms and Viagra because you never know when you could get some stank on your hang low. He for whatever reason then got out of the car and kept on masturbating because fuck giving up, right? Turns out this asshole is a registered sex offender and is on probation for alleged sexual assault. He was charged with probation violation and lewd and lascivious behavior. Can we just say he was charged with being a nasty bastard? Is this what I have to look forward to in my 50's? I just throw away all my prudish behavior that I've been carrying around all these years and just start whipping it out in front of folks? I hope not. I have gray hair already. By the time I'm 50 what's in my draws will look like a dark Christmas tree. That went off the rails quick, didn't it? But seriously. Look at this guy. If you told me that he wasn't the kind of guy that jerked off in public I wouldn't believe you.