Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Last And The Curious Series"

If I'm in a car with you and have my camera chances are I'll start talking like Sean Connery. Here is the series I have done over the last two years...I think.

"Last & the Curious"

"The Last & the Curious 2: Even Curiouser"

"The Last & the Curious 3: Too Curious"

"The Last The Curious"

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

"The Last The Curious" Ending

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Friday, May 28, 2010

"Doom Mates" Episode 46: "Domestic Violence"

Rosscast Episode 168: Earthquakes vs. Blizzards

In this episode I am joined by Josh Smith of Think Twice Radio and The Way Up! We discuss such topics like why I hate snow, Celsius being used and why I think its goofy, wrestling, whether we would bang Dixie Carter or not, and various other topics that I cant remember. In the second half I answer a listener question and Bad Parent of the Week (thanks to, Hazel!). Click here to download this episode and click here to download and subscribe through iTunes. Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rosscast Episode 167: I'm Your Chocolate Bar

In this goofy episode I talk about Lindsey Lohan being a drunk ass, Tila Tequila being a pill popping ass, Jesse James being a woman chasing ass with legal troubles with an ex wife, Brittany Murphy’s widowed husband dying just months after she died in the same room of the house, and listener questions about tea, waffles, superheroes, and memories. Click here to download this and old ass episodes or click here to subscribe through iTunes and embed my show on your blog. Isn’t that nifty? Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Doom Mates" Episode 44: "In The Mix"

Rosscast Episode 166: Leeroy Jenkins!!!

In this episode I answer listener questions, go on a tirade about Sex In The City, talk about that goofy ass chick from UCLA that ran away, a list of canceled TV shows, and how not to smash your finger when moving furniture. Click here to download this and older episodes and click here to subscribe through iTunes. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rosscast Episode 165:

In this episode I discuss my great weekend, seeing a play at Griffith Park with a hot chick, that nasty ass oil spill, the goofy ass whale that beached itself, dudes stripping in school, Dear Abby, The Accidental Hero of the Week, and The Bad Parent of the Week. Click here to download this episode or click here to download and subscribe through iTunes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rosscast Episode 164: This Dantanian Life

In this episode I talk about the disappearance of common sense, rude texting, the movies Iron man 2 and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, some asshole power bombing a kid, and I steal from This American Life and talk about things that I used to believe in including God, having kids, and abortions being wrong. Click here to download this and older episodes and click here to subscribe through iTunes and even embed a player on your site. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Hood Basketball"

Everything you thought you knew about Hood Basketball is a lie! Here are the true stars of Hood Basketball!

"Doom Mates" Episode 42: "Hide"

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Hard Goodbye

Normally it’s a little bit closer to my late brother’s birthday when I get what can be called my own version of The Hard Goodbye. This happens every damned year. I start feeling kinda weird and at first I cant put my finger on it. Then I do, I meditate, and then I level out. I don’t necessarily feel better but I do feel better in that I now know why I feel bizarre.

I was actually fine this morning. And then it hit me like a brick to the head. I have been hit with lots of things in my head but never a brick. I have hit someone else with one when I was a kid but that’s been discussed in my Rosscast. For anyone that is new to my site or you haven’t listened to my show or you just don’t pay attention to anything I say my brother Kevin died of a heart attack nine years ago. He was 32 years old. Isn’t that some bullshit? I imagine that may have been one of his last thoughts honestly. I wont go into everything that occurred after his heart attack. I’ll post a link to my old blog talking about it. (part 1, part 2, part 3)

I’m 31 years old right now and just one year younger than when my brother died. It doesn’t feel like it was nine years ago. This is when having a good memory sucks ass. Everything feels like it happened months ago at the most. This makes it harder to forget things, forgive people, and get over shit. They say over time you get, not over, but you feel better about someone who has passed away. I have been waiting years for that to happen but way too many things remind me of my brother. Wrestling, comedy, drawing, and whenever someone breaks silence with something inappropriate. He was the funniest person in my family and the most giving person I knew.

I miss the friendship I had with my brother more than anything. He would take me to his job, when he went to play football, and just random shopping like the Slauson Swapmeet. God, who knows how many chains and earrings he bought there?! All this is to say I miss my brother. I miss him talking shit to me. I miss his jokes. His goofy ass laugh. Talking about wrestling and work. Yeah. That’s it. So if I sound odd at any point on the phone or want to be left alone its just The Hard Goodbye creeping in.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Floating Jesus and Puppet Satan: "The Rapture"


Floating Jesus: Did you hear did you hear?!

Puppet Satan: No. What?

Friday, May 7, 2010

2 Girls 1 Cup + Dante = Horror!!!

For years I have put off watching the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup video. But this morning for no damned reason. I suggest if you've never seen it don't start now. You can go the rest of your life without witnessing this horror or horrors!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Porn Related" Inspired By Kiyoshi Parker

Years ago I filmed a movie with Kiyoshi. Three years after making it he finally gave me my cheeseburger payment. Yes, I am that cheap. A while ago I told him that I was gonna re-shoot the movie and it wouldn't take all damn day long. So I shot this today and can't wait to see what he thinks. Enjoy.

"Talking To Myself"

Sometimes you have to be the bearer of bad news. It really doesn't help when its alot of bad news in under three minutes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hottest Chicks On Tv

I don’t watch as much television these days as I’d like to. Not only do I miss the hours I lost by watching my favorite shows, I miss seeing hot ass women. On some of the shows I catch I see some okay looking broads. But sometimes I come across one (don’t be nasty) and I stay on the channel. This is a short list I have compiled. There will be more to come. Don’t be nasty.

Christina Hendricks


Hey now. Been seeing her on Mad Men and she was voted as Esquire magazine’s sexiest woman alive. And for good reason. Yeah, you dude’s that are into bony ass chicks can keep your bony ass women. That leave more ogling for me. Go ahead. Go stare at your pony looking women. I’ll be here with Ms. Hendricks.

Morena Baccarin


You may not recognize this lovely chick immediately. Give it a second. Got it? Fine. This is Anna from V! Yeah. This is what she looks like with a little bit more hair and not eating dude’s when she’s having sex with them. Hotness and a half.

Sofia Vergara


This is the mother from Modern Family. I don’t know what else to write really.

Rosscast Episode 163: Premature Emancipation

In this episode I talk about crazy ass animals boning and making new animals that scare me, that chick flipping her top at Target over here on La Brea and Santa Monica, that ass clown that tried to blow up Time Square and failed epically, some kid throwing hot water on a girl (this was over lack of candy I shit you not), that Arizona law and how its very much NOT like Nazi Germany, and the best ways to stay on my not so bad side as there is no good side to me. Click here to download this episode of the Rosscast and click here to download, listen, and subscribe through iTunes. Enjoy!

"Doom Mates" Episode 41: "Cougar Hunting"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rosscast Episode 162: Table For One

In this episode I go over some yahoo dating advice like the 19 things you should not say to your single friends unless you wanna get smacked and for the ladies the ten reasons why a guy isn’t approaching your ass. Figuratively and literally. I also discuss my week, my tattoo, and why I am a very approachable person, damn it! Click here to download this and old ass episodes or click here to download and subscribe through iTunes. Enjoy!

Those Who Shaped Me

As any self respecting nerd knows, you have to have a hero. No, I’m not talking about your father who’s sitting in the living room wondering where he went wrong with raising you. No, I’m talking about fictional characters. Much like the blog I wrote about hot cartoon and video game characters this is about the types of characters I have liked throughout my life. This is the cream of the crop, ya’ll. You can tell a lot about a man by who he worships.



Of course he starts this list off. What is there not to like about Batman? I grew up liking him in all forms from the cheesy TV show and the silliness of Super Friends. Burton almost killed my love of Batman but the awesome ass animated series saved him. Batman is what every hero should be. Smart, fast, brutal, and efficient. How many other people can say they’ve been kicked out of the Justice League because they have a contingency plan to take out every single member of the team?



This guy doesn’t get the amount of respect he deserves. Blackbolt is the king of the Inhumans and has so much power he cant use it. See, Blackbolt has the ability to destroy things with his voice. Not like many other characters that shout and bring down planes. No. Blackbolt could crack a country in two if he yelled. He has spoken very few times and even knock down The Incredible Hulk with a whisper.

Brock Samson


Brock is what could clinically be classified as a psychopath. He has no superpowers but somehow manages to not die no matter what situation he is in. He took enough darts to kill a man and was buried alive only to wake from the dead, use his car to crash through a super villains lair and kill all of his henchmen without dropping his cigarette. And he’ll fuck anything that moves…except for that one Russian lady and Dr. Girlfriend.



I used to have every issue of Deadpool. Yeah, they ruined him in that terrible Wolverine movie but “the merc with a mouth” is one of the coolest characters in comics. He is terribly insane and violent. One of the only characters that manage to float between evil and good without being jailed for his crimes.



When I first read the Sin City graphic novels Marv was like what I always wanted to be. Just human but indestructible. He has been stabbed, shot, hit by cars (I’ve been hit by cars!) and managed to keep on going. His determination and loyalty to the very few people that can stand to be around him makes him an admirable guy.

Rock Lee


This kid is from Naruto and honestly when I first saw him I thought he looked goofy. That was until I learned his story and saw him battle Gaara in one of the coolest and intense fights I’ve ever witnessed in a cartoon. The only student with no actual magical abilities Rock Lee has fought and beaten ninjas with far more power than he has with speed and his teacher smiling all the while.

Shade The Changing Man


I first got this comic book on accident at 7/11 and the bizarre story and art by Chris Bachalo pulled me in. He’s from a planet called Meta and he inhabits the bodies of people that have just died, in a coma, or empty. He has been in the body of a redhead (the one I am most familiar with), a psycho, and a woman. He had sex as a woman just to see what it was like. He had sex with the ground and it gave birth to mini Shade’s. Why are all of my favorite guys insane?



Again, another one that doesn’t get respect. Imagine if Batman decided to take his level of violence a step further. When Shadowhawk finds and catches criminals he breaks their spines. That’s his thing. And he does his thing well. This artist that drew him (I couldn’t find his version of Shadowhawk) drew in such a chaotic way it inspired my art in the sense that if something wasn’t completely visible it didn’t matter because I knew what was what and where was where.

The Maxx


Another one I first got from 7/11 and went nuts for. The cartoon was amazing as well as it was taken directly from the comic book. Sam Keith was an amazing artist as was Maxx. A man with the spirit of a rabbit. Long claws which are actually his middle fingers dipped in lava and sharpened. He fights Mr. Gone and switches between the “real” world and the fantasy world of Pangaea. Damn, I am really missing good comic books right now.

Skulduggery Pleasant


This guy is the reason I now have a tattoo. My friend and the best human alive Camille first told me about this book about a skeleton and this girl that used magic. I started reading the book and was hooked immediately. Four books later and the story just keeps getting better. He lost his original head and won a new one in a bet. He has a history that is hinted at where he committed very brutal acts. He throws fireballs! This character is amazing and one of the best ones I have ever read or seen.

And this is my tattoo.