Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Desert Vista High School's Finest

Yay! Senior picture day! This is one of those things that students get excited about. A chance to leave a mark in history...at school. Line up with fellow students and take a picture that will be around for years. Or you can be like these girls at Desert Vista High School in Arizona and use letters from “BEST *YOU'VE* EVER *SEEN* CLASS *OF* 2016” and take an extra picture with “Ni**er.” Yeah. You could do that. Not sure where the letter “I” came from unless its the “1.” Either way it happened.

The school had to release a statement after this image got online saying “The students will be disciplined in accordance with district policy and while we don’t discuss specific discipline I can tell you that will be addressing the obvious need for sensitivity training in this case.” The school and faculty approve what will appear in images for the yearbook and of course this nonsense was not approved. Eventually the students were suspended for five days.

Some people are asking if nigger even means the same thing to kids as it does to older people. Unless you are a toddler you know what the word means and when you say it are aware of what you are doing and hopefully who you're doing it around. Otherwise you could get hurt. These girls knew exactly what they were doing. They were trying to be funny. They weren't, but points for trying. Allow me to make an attempt to answer some questions regarding this word.

Q: Blacks say it all the time. Why can't I?

A: Because you like having all of your teeth? But seriously, if you get upset because you can't say a word that Black people can you should ask yourself why are you living this hollow life where that word comes across your mind and wants to leave your lips so much that you get mad that you can't say it. I mean, you can. Every person that is not Black can say this word. But why do you want to? To be cool? To fit in? Stop being a loser. No one I respect says the word and when someone that I do does I lose it. And by the way, not all Black say it. I sure as fuck don't. Most Black people I talk to only use it when quoting some other ignorant person.

Q: Its just a word. Why is it so bad?

A: Because some people that stole thousands of other people from their home country and were forced into slavery where they were beaten, enslaved, murdered, and raped (hello, great-great grandfather of mine!) had the word used against them as a way to demean them. Its a shitty word said by shitty people that did shitty things. So while it is just a word like every other sound our stupid mouths make its still considered bad. Fights and wars are started over words lots of times.

Q: Why do Black musicians say it so much if its harmful?

A: Because it rhymes with words that are used a lot in rap like trigger, bigger, and figure. Plus there is that whole thing where Black people decided to “take the word back.” If Black people took this hateful word and used it themselves then that would take the sting out of it. Well, that kind of backfired. The people Blacks didn't want to use the word started seeing and hearing Blacks use it so they thought it was okay to do it as well. If you hurt yourself why would you be upset when others do the same to you? Apply this logic to the whole Black Lives Matter stuff and you see how bullshit trickles down.

Q: If everyone says it, then it doesn't hurt anymore, right?

A: Yeah, it does. And again, not everyone says it. I don't want to be called that word by anyone. Will I attack you if you call me that? No. I'll just not talk to you. I can not be held responsible for what happens to you if another Black person that doesn't have my views does to you. Once a friend asked me about using the word and asked what I'd do if some Black person got in her face for saying it. I said “I'd make sure you got to the hospital.” She got upset. I shrugged. Of course I no longer talk to this person. You also have to realize, as Louis CK once said “I'm just saying that if you're black you get to complain more” as well as saying they probably remember when they had to use a different toilet. So yeah. The word hurts.

Q: What's with this whole “ER” versus “A” at the end?

A: Most Black people (I'd say 98%) that use the n-word end it with an “A” just like rappers. It is used in greeting between friends and even Black people that don't know each other. Its used in fights. Its weird but its a thing. The “ER” ending is used by racists, idiots, and people that don't know better. The “A” is used as a term of endearment while the “ER” is used for more old time hateful reasons.

I hope this clears up any confusing with this word that no one should be using anymore. As for the students they should be expelled. Yeah, I know. Sounds harsh. But I don't have kids so I can say extreme shit like that. What does five days suspension do really? They get a week off after school just started back. They won't learn a lesson. Their faces are out there already for the world to see. They have to see Black students, teachers, and people in their city. They have an image that will live online until the internet is no longer a thing and we are fighting for oil and water against hockey mask wearing overlords. Sounds fitting to me.  

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