Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Current Jam: Michelle Jenneke

There are some women that have happy faces and when I see their faces it makes me happy. Michelle Jenneke is one of those people. I have a few friends like this (as all you should) but I don't have friends that can run like her. At least to my knowledge. She is an Australian Olympic runner an hurdler which I appreciate because I only like events that have practical uses and yes tumbling also counts as one of those practical things. She's won all of the medals including the Dante one. That's a real thing. Shut up.

Michelle, because we're on a first name basis, is 23 years old which means she is out of my age range for dating but gives me free reign to stare at pictures of her like a pervatron. When I first heard of her it was because of a routine that she does before she runs as a warm up which in turn made my pants warm up if you know what I'm saying. If you don't go ask your aunty that always wears those short shorts when she knows good and damned well how they make me feel. I thought she was a giant but it turns out she is only 5 foot 7 which means I am 6 inches taller than her and chicks like tall guys...usually.

I don't know much else about her other than the fact that she is fast, hot, and comes from a country whose primary form of communication is screaming for help. She is also at the level of fitness that I like. Its that volleyball player body that I enjoy where they are in shape but they aren't smashing plates against their abs. Leave me alone.

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