Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Kids These Days 58

You can find an asshole anywhere, even in a daycare center. Two women, 22 year old Erica Kenny of Cranford, NJ and 28 year old Chanese White of Roselle, NJ were both charged with fourth-degree child abuse after staging fights between children at the Lightbridge Academy Daycare and even being dumb enough to film some of them because we can not do a single thing (sex, child birth, concerts, eating) without filming it. When Cam sent me this story I immediately thought these people needed to be hurt and assumed someone recorded it. The school does have those cameras where parents can check up on their kids but no cameras are on the playground where the fights took place. As a former child I can tell you for a fact that the most violence took place on the playground.

As far as they know one fight took place in August. Kenny is the one that filmed the fight on her phone and posted it to Snapchat because she is stupid and thinks that because videos disappear from the site that no one can record them. In the video she encourages the kids to fight each other and even references the movie Fight Club which is stupid because if anyone in Fight Club had a camera they would have been beaten to death.

The kids in the video are between the ages of 4 and 6 years old where she is trying to get them to shove each other. None of the kids were reportedly hurt but one mother was concerned because her son came home with a broken finger one day. Brenda Febbo who has a lengthy job title I am not bothering to type out said “As parents and caregivers, we are shocked and saddened by this isolated incident. We have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who acts in conflict with the core value of Lightbridge Academy - the safety and well being of children. We sincerely thank our parents and dedicated staff for their support and patience.” How you know this was an isolated incident?! Its safe to assume that this did not happen the one time. These two idiots just got caught finally after being dumb enough to post a video online of illegal shit.

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