Friday, March 23, 2018

Johnny Panic: We Got It From Here Part 4

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“We are the Arkho. In the short amount of time that your planet has left you may refer to me as Mother Bird. A being from a lesser galaxy, even lesser than this, was destroyed by your Johnny Panic who we have recently dispatched of. We arrived in hopes of a challenge and are greatly disappointed by what this planet had to offer. In three days time we will remove it from existence.”

“ the transmission the entire globe received in every language known to mankind. I...should...I have to go.” And with that Tom Rockwell ran from his news desk.

“What a way to end a news report” Zazz said as the news went to a commercial.

“It's not like anything like this has ever happened before” I say to him. Yes, this is Ronica speaking. Johnny is still unconscious. “A faceless alien shows up, beats the only person that could stop them, and we have no way to win. I don't blame Rockwell from running.”

“And us?” Aimee asked while holding Milly who continued to look towards the front door expecting Johnny to fly in.

“What if we got Dick Danger to help us?” Zazz asked.

Lord no!” I shout startling everyone. For those that do not know, Johnny has a half-brother named Dick Danger that is only powerful when fighting Johnny. He beat him publicly a while back and has been locked up since for crimes he committed along with Johnny's deadbeat dad. He is crazy as hell and I have no desire to set him free. “Sorry. Dick is not an option.”

“I get it” Zazz says. “Have you heard from Toro?”

“Yeah” I say. “He visited Johnny the other day after we left and says his condition is the same. He says he'll pray for him and us.”

“I like prayer” Aimee says as she heads outside with Milly.

My phone rings and it is Johnny's mom. “Hello” I say. I can hear a loud TV in the background. I can tell that she is glued to the news. “You shouldn't watch that stuff.”

“I need to do something” she says. “How are you all holding up?”

“A more important question is how you are holding up?” I ask her. “I can't even imagine how you're doing right now.”

“Well, I am making dinner for Walter's brothers while they blare the news while I wait for Walter to wake up and take care of this” she says calmly. “You know, I think that he and his brothers need to get closer. They seem a little too upbeat about the fact that their little brother lost a fight.”

“They sound like dicks” I say. “No offense.”

“I get it” she sighs. “They are not the...nicest people but they are trying their best to deal with being the older brothers of the world's only superhero and the most famous person on the planet who has on multiple occasions threatened to hurl them into space.”

“I can see how that would drive a wedge” I say. Suddenly I hear Aimee scream and see a flash of light. I rush outside and Zazz is already out there staring at the sky while Aimee is on the ground holding her eyes...and Milly's tether. “What happened?! Where's Milly?!” Aimee starts screaming in her native tongue and I look at Zazz.

“She says that Milly changed colors...and then took off” he says. “Me-Me, what do you mean 'changed colors'?” I ignore the fact that he calls Aimee “Me-Me.” Aimee begins to gather herself but still covering he eyes. I forgot that Johnny's mom was still on the phone. “Sorry. Milly is gone. I'll call you back” I say.

“Ronica, darling” she says. Calmly. “She will be back. Everything will work itself out. Don't you--”

“Breaking news as a flash of light has taken one of the giant spaceships out of the sky!” a sweaty Tom Rockwell shouts. The feed cuts to one of the sexiest looking creatures I have ever seen in my life. It's Mother Bird.

“We gave you three days to live and this is how you thank us” it says.

“Is it a man or a woman?” Zazz asks while holding Aimee against his chest.

“It's an alien, Zazz” I say. “I don't think it picks a side.”

“Whatever weapon it is you have unleashed upon us shall be destroyed as soon--” a explosion knocks out the feed for a moment. “Damage report!” The feed goes out.

“Is that Milly?” I ask.

“No” Zazz says. “It's Millennium...”

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