Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Dresser

I ordered a dresser online from Walmart last week and got it today. Stupid me I thought that it would be really easy to put together because the people online said it was. It was easy in theory. If I had a screwdriver that was made for my big ass hands or a power drill it would have been done in an hour. But combined with the heat and just not sleeping properly and hating everything I could see for a few days it was harder than it needed to be.

I gutted my closet last week by getting rid of three garbage bags worth of clothes, a ton of random nonsense, and a very large dresser I didn't need. I had wanted to get rid of it for years and just kept putting it off and working around it. I'm happy with how much more space I have and that my closet is cleaner. I've never been someone that held on to a lot of things for no reason so throwing things away is easy for me. It also helps I moved so much growing up so I can't get too attached to physical things.  

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