Monday, August 24, 2015

Tale Of A Thirsty Counselor

When I first saw this story I could not believe how thirsty this teacher was. In most stories I write about with a teacher getting buck wild with a student my 16 year old self gets incredibly jealous at the fact that so much action was going down in school while I stood around staring at the walls wondering why I wasn't getting some stank on my hang low. This is not one of those stories of jealousy. This is about 40 year old college prep counselor/swim coach Emily Fenney and her getting fired for chasing after a 16 year old high school student who didn't want anything to do with her.

Police started investigating Feeney about three months ago after they were told about the fact that she was participating in some thirst based texts to a 16 year old. Fenney is a Harvard graduate that told this kid that she had connections and could help him get onto the swim team at Harvard if he would just give up the goods. She started sending him pictures of her that I'm sure she thought were sexy and even a topless one. Ladies, here's a pro tip for you: if you send a straight male of any age a topless picture and he doesn't respond immediately do not continue pursuit. Hell, if a woman sends me a picture of her calf I'm ready to put a well sized hole in my screen.

This is why I appreciate warnings.
There are a lot of messages to this kid and in one from 2014 he responded “Im not interested in you end of story. Im 16 im not into you.”Feeney was not having any of that shit and told him “I am re opening this conversation in two years when you graduate. No one would get in trouble and it would be so worth it. Tabled for two years.”

See, this kind of shit is one of the main reasons why when I like a chick I don't say anything to them. I just let it build inside until it rots and falls off and we become good friends. Rejection is a bitch but if you get it enough you become accustomed to it. But not Feeney. She kept on trucking.

“Girls will come and go (and it sounds like this one won't be doing much coming but that's your problem) but friends do not. You can't ignore and screw over friends for a girl, or a swim meet or anything else. You've done that repeatedly to me and I've had enough. I don't need it.”

Now, I have been in this type of situation where someone says some shit that makes you question yourself. This kid probably wondered if he did something to bait this woman. I doubt he did. She is just thirsty as hell. After contacting Harvard for him she said he owed her “big time. And no high fives.” She wanted him to think she was doing him a huge favor and he owed her by fucking. She told him that he didn't want to put his chances of going to Harvard at risk by rejecting her. She stated in more emails things like “You are gorgeous and this is killing me. Please talk to me” and “I adore you always have, always will.”

Fenney has gone from chasing this kid to tell him he needs to be grateful for her help to threatening him to begging for what's in his leggings. “If you'd just stop fighting and let it happen, you'd be a lot less uptight and much happier.” She was fired and charged with a misdemeanor and three felonies. She is out on $75,000 bond and set to head to court next week. Out of all the inappropriate teacher blogs I've ever written this has got to be the least sexy one. Yeah, I know she's a counselor. Shut up.  

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