Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dante Vs. Nature 55

Hahaha! Stupid bear! This guy in Idaho named Doug Harder who also happens to have the best porn name ever took this picture of this stupid bear getting his head stuck in his cat door. Reports speculate that the bear was looking for food. Maybe it was looking for some good conversation. Of course it was looking for food and by food I mean people. Harder came home from vacation and found his condo wrecked. A bar got in through the sliding door and ate some brownie mix, a can of Pepsi, and a Toblerone bar. Pepsi? Ew! Kill it! Then it took a mean shit in his living room.

The next day it came back and got its stupid head stuck in the cat door. Harder says he wasn't scared because the bear couldn't get through the door. I would have farted in its face because I'm a dick. Just a few months back two bear cubs ate bird seed he put out and the next day had some leftover Dr. Pepper he left out. This guy is just daring to get eaten alive! “I don't want them to kill the bears; I just want them relocated. If they don't take care of them someone else might.” I know a threat when I hear one. I think he's trying to kill them with diabetes.

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