Friday, July 15, 2016

Playmate Dani Mathers Shames Woman...And Nothing Will Happen

A lot of people suck. Its a scientific fact. What science? Shut up. That's for you to find out. I heard about this story and hoped that there was a little more to it than what was being reported but it turns out that there is not. Just a woman being an asshole and then pretending that she isn't as big of an asshole that this is. 29 year old Playboy Playmate of 2015 (which is still a thing) Dani Mathers was at the gym in the locker room when she decided to take a picture and sharing it on her Snapchat. The image is of a woman butt booty ass naked at the gym changing. She is nude and unlike Mathers I have cut the woman out of the picture because as much of a dick that I am there is a certain level of human decency that I have managed to hold on to despite being raised in the 80's.

After people went H.A.M on her she deleted the image but it was too late much like everything posted online. Especially when you have 553,000 followers on Instagram, 75,000 on Twitter (which as of this writing is gone), and one million on Facebook. She ended up apologizing saying “I just want to acknowledge a photo that I accidentally posted. It was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do. I chose to do what I do for a living because I love the female body and I know body shaming is wrong, that's not what I'm about and this is not the type of person I am. The photo was taken as part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend and because I am new to Snapchat I didn't realize I had posted it, and that was a huge mistake. I know I have upset a lot of people out there but please believe me this is not the type of person that I am. I have never done this before and I will never do this again, you have my word.”

Allow me to translate what she said into for reals speak.

“I do what I do for a living because I am hot and with enough Photoshop, airbrushing, and a team of NASA scientists can look even hotter. I love the female body, especially my own, which is why I will pose nude and make a living for as long as I can using it. Hey. I'm 29. Its all downhill from here so I'm just striking while the iron is hot. I took this picture to shame this total strangers that was changing at the gym for us all to laugh at together. I'm saying it was between me and my friend not realizing that even that makes me still kind of an asshole. But a private asshole. I know a lot of you are butt hurt over me making fun of this girl but you'll get over it. And if you don't, so what. I'll never do this again...publicly. But I am for sure still gonna make fun of women that were not born with this face and body. Now excuse me. I'm off to do whatever it is hot bitches do.”

I'm sure I did some hot shaming, NASA shaming, and probably some model shaming in that paragraph. This is a situation where she is lucky to be a woman. If a guy took a picture of another guy people would have laughed more or just called him a sex pervert that should be banned from all gyms in the area. If a guy took a picture of a woman he'd be in court and folks would be screaming for his genitals to be removed. This being a woman committing a crime against another woman means that this will actually blow over because if you go too hard against a woman, whether people agree with you or not, they will take the side of the victim. Odd enough though, the actual victim would be ignored and the perpetrator would become the new one because you are damning her. This world is fucking weird. I'm gonna go play in traffic.  

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