Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Current Jam: Rose Bertram

I was trolling TMZ a few days ago and they had this image of these models together on the beach just sitting there being models and doing what models do like make women feel bad about themselves because they don't weight 90 pounds and can barely get a free refill on their Pepsi based on the way they are built let alone get sent around the world just so people can take pictures of them because of their structure. I'm not normally even into models unless they look bizarre. But when I saw this pack of models the one all the way to the right grabbed my eyes. And by eyes I mean penis.

Her name is Stephanie Rose Bertram or Stephanie Bertram-Rose but she is known as Rose Bertam and she is probably one of the cutest girls I have ever seen in my life. There are different levels to looks for me. There are the obvious ones like ugmos, oogly, pretty, cute, hot, the hotness, cute as fuck, and hot as shit. This girl is cute as fuck. Like...too cute. I wouldn't even talk to her. I don't even want to lay it on her because she is like 22 years old and far too young for me. She is Belgian with some part of Africa in her. I forget the place but I looked it up and everyone there is attractive is a sci-fi way.

If there is anything you can say about me other than the fact that I'm a dick its that my tastes are super universal. I have seen pictures of her with straight hair and I don't like it. I like party hair. 

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