Monday, November 27, 2017

Dante Explains Shit: Net Neutrality

Lately I have been a hearing a lot about Net Neutrality. Well, that and the fact that Hollywood is just full of perverts. There are a lot of people talking about this but also squeezing in other bullshit to the point where it just sounds like noise to me and since I have the attention span of a priest at a Boy Scouts meeting I need shit explained to me simply. I'm sure some of you out there are the same way which is why I am doing this. Now let us figure out exactly what this is and why it will ruin your life.

Simply put Net Neutrality is the expectation that when you use the internet it works quickly and for a reasonable price. You expect your service provider to, well, provide service. Click on a site, check out the site, bitch about the world, then hop on your cell phone to do the same but on the go. You don't expect your service provider to slow down certain sites or charge you more for higher speeds. Back in 2015 the FCC was pressured into adopting the Net Neutrality rules that would keep the internet the way it currently is. But now a guy named Ajit Pai wants that shit gone and the FCC voted to get his plan moving forward. What is his plan? To fuck up my porn watching experience as far as I'm concerned. You do not want to know a version of me without access to porn.

If Net Neutrality is gone phone and cable company ISP's (Internet Service Providers) could put your access into two different lanes: fast and slow. If you want fast you would have to pay a lot more while everyone else would be back in the dial-up stone ages of surfing the internet. They would also be able to decide what you get to access based on whose service you are using. Title II of the Communications Act stops companies from fucking with your service and internet speeds. Understand this: companies that provide your internet want Title I back because then they'd be able to jack up your fees and slow shit down. The FCC will be voting on Net Neutrality on December 14th and there are petitions to stop it. Find them and sign them. Keep the discussion simple. One article I read brought up race, gender, and all kinda shit people are tired of hearing about but won't admit. Tell me Pornhub will be messed with and you got my attention.

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