Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kids These Days 60

Some kids are assholes. Just gonna put that out there. You may have a kid that you think is great but to the rest of the world they just sigh and roll their eyes at them knowing that they are gonna be a shitty adult at some point. This 14 year old girl from Virginia is named Aliya May and she was suspended from school for a month and facing assault charges after tossing a carrot at one of her former teachers in the hallway, hitting her in the forehead.

Now, someone just said to themselves “Its just a carrot. You can't hurt anyone with a carrot.” That isn't the point, assbutt. You also have not seen Shoot Em Up with Clive Owen where he kills a guy with a carrot. The point of this is that a kid should never feel so damned comfortable in their position as a human being that they think throwing anything at an adult is an okay thing to do. Administrators say that the carrot was used as a weapon but Aliya said it was a joke. Ha.

The evidence.

Her mother, Karrie May, is pissed that the school is taking these actions saying “I don't even know how to combat the stupidity.” I'd say start by raising a child that doesn't do dumb shit like this. The school sent a letter to get Aliya to admit that she is guilty but the family has refused this so now they sit around with their thumb up their asses waiting to see what happens next.

You can argue that it is harsh to suspend a kid for an entire month for something. But you cant argue that it is not assault. Spitting on someone is assault. Pushing someone is assault. A kid threw something at a teacher as a joke. I say expel her under Dantanian Law.

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