Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Young Brothers Worked As Young Pimps

Two teenage brothers are being charged with running a prostitution ring. They are 15 year old Dionte Hunter and 17 year old Thaishaun Hunter. These names, I swear, these names. They were running their lemonade stand from their home in Spokane, Washington. Their business was found out because of a ad and after Thaishaun was arrested earlier this year for a shooting.

While his phone calls were being checked while he was locked up at a juvenile detention center investigators caught wind of a conversation about promoting prostitution. In this call the brothers talked about a 14 year old prostitute making all the money with Dionte saying that she “looks too young” and her “face is fucked up.” In another conversation Thaishaun talked to a 16 year old prostitute that complained about not wanting to work because Dionte threatened to hurt her. In yet another call where another prostitute talked about Dionte beating the 14 year old Thaishaun said “You talking too much, these phone calls are recorded.”

In another call between the brothers that bragged about making $1,000 in eight hours and how their online ads were “poppin' off.” The phone number to contact them for some young sex was their mothers phone number with investigators figuring that she knew what her sons were doing. A 20 year old prostitute, Aaliyah Johnson, told police that Thaishaun was giving 25% of the money she earned to his mom. For whatever reason mom has not been charged yet. The 14 year old told police she worked with Johnson but was “not a victim.” She also said she was in the ads. This is just a whole pack of winners.  

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