Friday, October 30, 2015

Dante Vs. Nature 57

This woman in Indiana found out the hard way that dogs are evolving when it shot her ass. 25 year old Allie Carter had her shotgun on the ground while she was hunting and her dog somehow managed to step on it and it went off. She was hit in the foot and had to be treated at two different hospitals. Guess the dogs name. Trigger. I shit you not. This isn't a picture of the actual dog but it is a black lab. Why the lab gotta be black?!

I bet that at some point she took one of those dog shaming pictures and Trigger just waited for his chance to strike and when he had it he took it. Every year there is a story where someone gets shot by their dog. I'd be too embarrassed to go to a hospital if this happened to me. I'd end up having some innocent person arrested from making some far more exciting story up.

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