Monday, May 16, 2016

Dennis Wright Arrested For Hit And Run Death

Drunk driving is something that I personally can't stand. I am sure that some of you reading this has done it in the past or may do it in the future. And you can go straight to hell for doing it. Some think its cute like “Oh, my god. I drove home so drunk one time. Thank god I wasn't pulled over!” A few weeks ago an MMA fighter named Jordan Parsons was struck and killed by someone as he crossed the street. There were no witnesses to this but the driver never slowed down after hitting him. He was in a hospital in critical condition before finally dying from his injuries. He was just 25 years old.

Recently the man responsible for the hit and run was found and arrested. He is 28 year old Dennis Wright of Boca Raton. He has had his license suspended multiple times and it was currently suspended when he struck and killed Parsons. He has been arrested for DUI, six suspensions, disorderly conduct, and marijuana possession, and failure to appear in court. In this current situation is he being charged with among other things leaving the scene of a crash and tampering with evidence. It is being reported that the Range Rover driven by Wright was being followed by a friend in a Mercedes which also did not stop traveling up to 120 mph.

Someone anonymously told detectives that Wright's mother owned the car he was driving. Wright went to a body shop to have the vehicle repaired and the owner would not do it. He then hid the car in a storage facility he'd rented. His bond has been set at $600,000. His attorney, Robert Resnick said “There are a lot of facts that have not been established in this case.” Yeah. I'm sure.

I am so glad that this guy was found and reported. This could have easily been one of likely thousands of stories of someone being hit by someone, drunk or not, and never having it solved. When I first heard this story I believed that whoever did it would not be found. This story stuck in the back of my head because when I was little I was hit by a car and the driver sped off. Thankfully Parsons' family, friends, fans, and supporters can get some closer and this Wright guy is off the street and hopefully never released. He struck and killed a guy and decided that he didn't need to stop and help. His own fear and freedom was worth more than another persons life. He could have stopped and called police. His friend, if he knew what happened, could have as well. Neither of them did. That's not even an okay thing.  

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