Monday, May 16, 2016

While You Were Sleeping: Trinity Carr Charged With Homicide

A few weeks back I wrote about the 16 year old student, Amy Joyner-Francis (click here for that), that was beaten to death in a school bathroom at Howard High School of Technology in Delaware while it was watched and recorded by other students. Now three female students have been charged with her death. Trinity Carr, also 16 has been charged with criminally negligent homicide while Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright have been charged with third-degree criminal conspiracy.

The attorney general Matt Denn has said that he plans to have Trinity charged as an adult which I totally agree with. The Department of Justice stated “The individuals responsible for Amy Joyner-Francis's death are minors, but they must be held accountable for their actions. DOJ's goal in making a charging decision was to ensure that those persons responsible for Amy's death are held responsible to the maximum degree permissible by Delaware law.”

Amy's caused of death has been listed as “sudden cardiac death due to large atrial septal defect” which is a hole in the wall that separates the two chambers of the heart as well as saying that a factor that contributed was “physical and emotional stress due to physical assault.” It is being said that the actual assault did not kill her, but her preexisting heart condition did but that if she was not assaulted she would not have died. This is another reason why you don't go around attacking people.

It is being reported that the three girls planned the attack almost a day before committing it. Delaware law does not charge for conspiracy to commit a negligent homicide so they are being charged with the conspiracy aspect of it. Snow and Wright are said to have not attacked Amy during the fight so they will be charged as juveniles. If convicted Trinity could face eight years in prison if she is charged with negligent homicide.

I can look at this situation as “Oh, she had no idea that this girl has a heart condition and didn't mean to kill her.” Okay. I get that. But she did mean to beat the shit out of another girl in school. Its nuts that she is only getting eight years for this if charged. Let's say she gets sentenced next year. She's 17. She'll be around 25 when she gets out. No. You don't get to beat someone like that, have them die, and spend a few years in jail with enough time to continue being a terrible human being. The other two girls are horrible scumbags and need to be Scared Straight for five years every week.

I bet they thought they would beat the hell out of this girl, record it, post it online, and get internet famous for it. The police shouldn't have had to figure out who did this. If you found out you beat someone so bad an ambulance had to be called, let alone till they were dead, you should be a good enough human to turn yourself in immediately. Not defend yourself on Twitter and Instagram. Let's toss in some blame towards the parents while we're at it for raising these shitty girls! I have a feeling people are pulling punches because there are all girls involved. If these were boys it'd be way different.

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Anonymous said...

One more interesting fact in this case is that 4 nationally known cardiologists have disputed that the cause of death was due to her heart condition.