Friday, May 20, 2016

Kids These Days 65

This shit is getting out of control. I know that everyone wants kids safe but we've now reached a point where safety has not only overwritten letting kids be kids, its gone past letting them even have fun. At Southeast Elementary in Brighton, Colorado and kindergartener was suspended for bringing a bubble gun to school. I somehow made it through multiple fights, being a nuisance, and arguing hitting a kid in the head with a metal canister without being suspended. But this kid now has that going for her because she brought a goddamn bubble gun to school! I doubt it was as fancy as the one I have pictured. 

In an interview the child's mother said “I apologized right away and said that I am so sorry she did that. I appreciate that they're trying to keep our kids safe, I really do. But there needs to be some common sense. It blows bubbles.” She said she didn't know that her daughter brought the toy to school. I remember a kid brought a snake to school unannounced. It was awesome. The school released a statement saying:

“While we hear and understand the parents of this student being concerned about this discipline in light of the student's age and type of item, this suspension is consistent with our district policy as well as how Southeast has handled similar situations throughout this school year. This has involved similar situations where students have brought items such as Nerf guns to school and also received one-day suspensions. The bringing of weapons, real or facsimile, to our schools by students can not only create a potential safety concern but also cause a distraction for our students in the learning process. Our schools, particularly Southeast because of past instances with students bringing fake weapons to school, make a point of asking parents to be partners in making sure students are not bringing these items to school. This includes asking parents to check backpacks.”

How school officials saw it.

I'm just hearing a whole lot of bullshit. The kid had the bubble gun at recess. These things do not look like a real gun. If a cop or school official or anyone else felt threatened by a bubble gun then something is very wrong with them, not the kid. When I was a kid, if a teacher had a problem with a toy or something that was brought they would take it from you. If you were lucky you got it at the end of the day. There was no need to involve parents or a suspension. “But what if...?” Fuck your what if's! It was a goddamn bubble gun!

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