Friday, May 27, 2016

The Latest Hot Mugshot

There is yet another new hot mugshot going around. This is 24 year old Arkansas resident Sarah Seawright that has been arrested for a variety of things. She was arrested last month for failure to appear in court for driving carelessly and without insurance back in 2014. People, including her now, have been using #prisonbae and #jailhousebae online to describe her. 

This is not a new thing. There was that green eyed guy that women went nuts over (click here for that) and this hot chick after him (click here for that). As for Seawright she was arrested back in 2012 for kidnapping, first degree battery, hindering prosecution, tampering with physical evidence, and aggravated robbery. She and another guy, LeDarius Laron Scales, that she had hiding in the car robbed someone.

That all being said...she is cute as fuck. I wouldn't mess with her not just because of her past criminal history or because this chick would have zero interest with me. But because she looks like too much work. That is generally my view of chicks that are cute as fuck. I imagine never seeing them without makeup on or something. I'm being a silly person. I have had one girlfriend that was cute as fuck and saw her without makeup but it took a while to get there. And she did look like a different person. And this chick is in her 20's which is a realm that I don't dwell in. In closing, yeah. Cute as fuck. The guy version of girls bad boy. Men will be lining up to get her pregnant.  

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