Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Racist Or Stupid?

The internet is not your friend. That is the biggest message I want to get across with this random ass blog post. A Kansas State University student by the name of Paige Shoemaker posted an image on her Snapchat with a friend wearing facial masks with the caption “Feels good to finally be a ni**a.” Another student posted the image on Twitter and all hell broke loose. 

Shoemaker ended up writing an apology for herself and her friend in the image Sadie Meier on Facebook. Let me translate this for a second. These two girls did something stupid in the new village of Snapchat and someone in the neighboring town of Twitter heard about it Shoemaker ended up having to apologize for it on the older and much larger city of Facebook.

“We clearly understand that what was said and done was completely disrespectful. I did want to inform everyone that it was NOT 'black face,' but it was a L'OrĂ©al clay facial mask. The signs that were thrown also is an inside joke between our friends that represents 'West Coast is the best coast.' We never intended for the picture to offend anyone.” Is there anyone that actually admits when they are trying to offend someone?

I'm not saying Shoemaker and Meier are racists. Just ignorant kids that made the mistake of thinking the internet was their buddy. Posting a image with you and your friend wearing clay masks? Okay. Its weird but whatever. People do that. Doing it while throwing up the W? You are getting real close to ruining your future. Adding that caption?

Back to the internet not being your friend for a moment. We all say and do terrible things. If you heard my version of the National Anthem the other day you would probably call me a horrible human. But I would never share it with the internet. Why? Because not everything needs to be shown to the internet. Your kids first step, first words, you winning an award, or you fucking your best friends lady. Some shit stays private or as Shoemaker tries to use as a defense “an inside joke.” You know the best thing about inside jokes? They stay inside and you don't have to explain them because they don't get the chance to be outside jokes. Ever notice how outside jokes always end up being racist sounding?

Shoemaker had a bit more to explain herself. “We accept that there will be people who won't forgive us, but something had to be said. Ask anyone who knows us, we are the most accepting and least racist people. We know that we will ride up and learn from this mistake. We will be better. We know what we did was wrong.” Again, I am not saying she is racist. There are pictures of her hanging with Black folk so make of that what you will. She is just stupid. Some are saying that people are taking the photo too seriously. I doubt many of them are Black people though. I seriously wasn't offended when I saw this. I actually said out loud “Stupid fucking kids.” Because that's what they are.

People need to stop posting things meant for you and your friends on the internet publicly. That is what DM's are for and shit does go down in them. If you do some dumb shit and people don't “get it” because they aren't your friend its not their problem or them being too sensitive. Some shit just ain't funny. Not everyone gets your sense of humor and you shouldn't expect them to. If you shared this with your friend and they thought it was funny it would be a good time to reevaluate your friendships and life.  

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