Friday, September 2, 2016

My Current Jam: Angelina Castro

If you're one of those not fun people that are against porn or you get laid so much that you don't give a damn then this post is not for you. I will sit here and say that Angelina Castro is my current jam when she has been so for about two years now. I can't remember the first video I ever saw her in but the first thing I noticed was that she actually looked like she was enjoying having sex (yes, I notice when someone is not into it or just bad at acting like they do) and the second was her banging ass body. And that she kinda looks like one of my ex girlfriends. They could be sisters. This may be a chick thing too but there is no feeling like finding a porn star that looks like someone you dated but don't hate or someone you like that you know will never have the sex with you. Its like a fist bump from Jesus because he feels bad for you.

Angelina was born in Cuba, moved to the Dominican Republic and settled in Florida. She is 5 foot 8 so she can wear heels around me. I don't now how much she weighs nor do I care to find out. She is about three years younger than me so she is so in my dating range. She has done a shit ton of movies but not so many where you wonder if she ever rests. And she will have sex with anything. She has had the sex with men, women, transsexuals, herself, and even a teddy bear once. Yes, they sell those. Don't act like you don't know this.

She is for sure one of my top five favorite porn stars. In no particular order there is Angelina Castro, Nina Hartley, Hitomi Tanaka, Aryana Starr, and Adriana Sage. There are more that would round out a top ten list and if I am being honest I could do a top thirty because I have all the time. Angelina is one of the few porn stars that if I had the chance to I would have the sex with. I know it sounds weird but there are some where I'd like to just take a picture with or get my wang mouthasized but not do the damned thang with. If a big woman that moves like she could break your dick in half scares you then Angelina is not for you. I volunteer as tribute!

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