Thursday, September 15, 2016

People Hating On #TeacherBae

I saw this picture of a fine ass woman on Yahoo the other day at work and showed it to a coworker and asked “Did any of your teachers ever look like this? Ever?!” The answer was no. My answer is hell no. I have never had a teacher this damned fine. Had a couple cute ones but never one that would have made me have to adjust my draws every ten seconds. This is Atlanta 2nd grade teacher Patrice Brown aka #TeacherBae and the less creative Ms. Thicky Fine Teacher Bae. Its hard enough to be I hear. It hard to be a teacher as well because children are usually the devil. I could not imagine being a hot ass teacher and not just because of the horndog kids but the horndog fathers and angry ass mothers you know she has to encounter.

People online are mad because the world is full of haters. Any guy hating on her is doing it to get points from other women. “Hey! I'm on your team! Want some dick?” Any woman hating on her is doing so because that's what women tend to do. Women hate women. Yeah, I said it. Women ha-a-ate other women most of the time so you know if you are built like the Kool-Aid Man or have a shit bag of a husband and are just naturally upset you are gonna hate on this girl. I say girl because she is too young for me to date being in her 20's.

Her clothing is being called too sexy for teaching. Look. Its hard enough to get kids to remember to wipe their asses let alone what teacher wore that day. Plus, I have seen women at Faithful Central Church in Inglewood wearing shit on a Sunday morning that makes what Ms. Brown wears look like a burqa. Can she wear looser clothing? For sure. But fuck that. If I were a woman with a body like hers I would show the shit out of it. You want her to wear 90's style baggy clothes? Fuck outta here with that. Even though I'm a terrible human being and am staring at her pictures hard enough to give her shivers its awesome that she is taking of the terrible task of teaching children.

But still. Haters.

The Atlanta Public School School system released a statement. “[Brown] was given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media.” She ended up deleting all her Instagram pictures of herself in class. She's in her goddamn 20's! Of course she is gonna be posting whatever she does. There are women posting pictures of their legs and asses in the gym, titties on the beach, and guys with their dongs in draws. A teacher posts a picture in an outfit you don't agree with should not be made fun of, shamed, or made to change her appearance.

I have written so many blog posts about teachers getting students high, fucking their students, hitting their students, showing up to school drunk, or getting into fights with them. I haven't heard a single damned bad thing about her. Folks need to leave this chick the hell alone. She hasn't done anything wrong other than be blessed with the body of a comic book character and the career choice of someone that is choosing a difficult path. If you've been online talking that shit about this woman you need to look at your own raggedy ass life and fix things because what this woman is doing has no bearing on your existence.  

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