Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Current Jam: Random Ass Women

I am into the most random ass women at the moment and oversharing. The first is a fitness chick named Miche. Don't know the rest of her name. Don't care. I like looking at her. I don't even know what her voice sounds like. She is in her early 20's, from Tampa Florida, and is 5 foot 2 and 140 pounds most of which seems to be in two places. The fact that she is super young and into fitness means that automatically I am out of the running for being with her in any sense of the word. 

She is also into motivating people so I am definitely out. She is into guys with goals so we're pretty much beating a dead horse. What a terrible phrase that is. Her size (hips and all that shit) is available but it means nothing to me. Even when bra sized is explained to me in the simplest terms my brain just goes “Dolphins are so weird...” and I drift off. This chick is hot and tiny and I could fit her into my pocket. The only turn off I could find is when she said in an interview that she doesn't like Photoshop in her pictures and has cellulite and such. Its like when a 20 years old dude that should physically be at his peak saying he doesn't mind that he doesn't have abs. Its like, shut up. You'll mind one day. Anyhoot, cute chick. I'd smash. I love that term. Its terrible, but I love it and never get to say it.

Danesha Marquel is incredible. If you told me to make a list of the ten best bodies according to me she would be in the top five (and none of them have abs). I love the way she is put together. You don't even know. She used to pose in magazines and has only done like three videos. Not even porn ones. Just her playing with herself which is fine because there is this weird thing where if I am super into a Black chick that does porn she only sleeps with White dudes on film and me and my junk can't relate to that. She is 5 foot 7 and 164 ponds. She used to be a dancer in a club in Florida where she is from. Florida has some hot chicks and scary people. 

In an interview she said that she works on cars now which, again, knocks me out of the running. Maybe I am just into girls that want nothing to do with me. Is that a thing? Like a fetish? Wanting the unattainable? Well, if its not it is now. Let's call it Dantichritis. She talks about what she is into sexually and it starts off fine and immediately gets extreme. One of my favorite things about her is how normal she looks. Not that she isn't fine looking because she is. But she doesn't look like a porn star/stripper/model. She looks like that kinda chick where you could date her in school and suddenly she grows up hot. That shit happens all the time. Not really with guys though. We fucked. Damn, she fine. I had a hard time finding a photo of her with clothes on or her not bent over. Should've posted one anyway. Its my damned blog.

This last one is a divorced woman named Angie who as far as I know done just three porn scenes with one guy who has a series of videos from Mom POV. Before you ask, its a series of videos featuring recently divorced women or women whose husbands just don't know how to give them that good good. This chick is Black man bait. I don't ave any other way to put it. It is like she was created in a factory or something. And she does everything. Everything. And POV means point of view. Its awesome. You don't have to see a guys face or anything. 

See, back in the day cameras would focus on a male porn star when he climaxed and sometimes it'd happen right when you were watching it and you couldn't stop it thereby experiencing a “mangasm.” Its the worse. If she came up to you in a bar and you were married and turned her down you'd change you mind once she turned around. And she has a big ass tattoo on her back. I like tattoos and scars. Don't wanna be messing with no women with flawless skin. Its one of the reasons why as much as I like Halle Berry I could never have the sex with her. But a divorced woman that takes just enough care of herself physically? I am all over that like a cheap suit. In trying to find out more about her I found nothing but false reports of another name she goes by and other horny ass dudes like me trying to find out more about her.

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