Thursday, January 26, 2017


That is a totally new word now. Another day another teacher sleeping with a student. Now, in most of these cases its a female teacher with some kid that is living most young boys dreams. This time I actually feel kinda bad for the teacher. I know that is a silly thought but hear me out. This all took place in Texas at Raul Quintanilla Sr. Middle School where Thao “Sandy” Doan was the PE teacher. 

Of course she was the PE teacher. There is something about PE teachers and things just being off about them. You just kinda wait until they do something terrible. I know someone reading this is a PE teacher and getting mad...and sweating because they know I am not lying. You can admit it. You strange. Anyhoot, she and a 14 year old boy have been messing around for the past year and a half. She talked to him online and eventually had sex in a park in 2015. Ew. They then had sex a few more times late last year. 

I guess shit went sour at some point because the boy, who is now 15, started extorting Doan for money texting her things like “watch ima start getting the pics and everything show the cops right I anit playing.” Thank god she wasn't his spelling teacher because goddamn that grammar. Turns out he had gotten about $28,000 from her! She was arrested last week and posted bond and of course is on administrative leave. Every time I see some honked up story I wanna know how these kinda kids are made. Like, what super secret recipe of bullshit is required for a child to turn into this.

Then I watched an interview with his mama and went “Oh. That's how.”

She did an interview that said more about her and her parenting abilities than it did about some horned up ass teacher getting banged by her son. She, Nidia (no last name given even though just by doing this interview people can easily figure out who her kid is) said that she reported Doan's behavior and activities to school administrators after she found messages with her son asking Doan for money. She says that she knows her son was wrong but that Doan is an adult and should've known better than to do the damn thang with her son. She also said that his behavior changed around the time he and Doan started having sex. I bet it did!

“At times, he started getting into drugs, drinking, leaving the house. And he would probably get money and just leave the whole weekend. I wouldn’t hear from him. I'd be out looking for him.” Wait, what? “She did very bad. She did bad. And I'm not condoning what he did because I know he was wrong at what he also did because blackmailing is not acceptable.” So neck tattoo mama knows that her son was doing drugs and drinking. Okay. Wonder what she did to stop a kid from doing this shit. When you are that young you have zero control over your life unless the adults or people that are around are actively not giving a fuck about you. She continued.

“I mean this is very hurtful because he's a victim here, and he was the child. He is the child. He's still a child. But it hurts me because I've been through a lot with him.” I'm gonna assume a mother with a neck tattoo has seen some shit. It is safe to assume that there is no father in sight. She also told the interviewer that her son had been arrested for robbery and burglary in the past. I'm not saying that Doan shouldn't go to jail for a minute like these teachers do. But this kid needs to be keep on a short ass leash. This ain't some honor roll student that was being duped by his tutor. This is a horny ass woman that has terrible taste in sexual partners. Where the fuck are these women that want a homebody ass man?!  

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