Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kids These Days 69

Sometimes there are stories that I find out about and it just makes me want to interview the perpetrator or the parents of them and just ask “How come? What can I do to make sure none of my friends kids turn out like you?” I also think there are some crimes where instead of jail I suggest an island where they are given backpacks with various weapons and they fight for survival. A “battle royale” if you will. Either way, this 17 year old girl Lestina Marie Smith is a great candidate for my island idea. She is charged with raping a man. You hear that? It was the sound of thousands of men and women rolling their eyes. Yes, it makes a sound.

So Lestina—by the way. Watch what the hell you name your kids. Anyhoot, Lestina, from Michigan, raped a guy 19 year old guy at knife point. At knife point she made him give her oral sex and regular sex. She has been charged with two first degree felony criminal sexual assault charges. If she is convicted, which she should be, she can get life in prison. Even if she gets off on one charge she can still do life. Of course ignorant ass people are questioning whether or not a man can be raped. Let me just grab some random comments from people on Facebook and the dumb shit they are saying.

“Can a woman really rape a man? Like how does he get hard under duress like this?? This poor girl and her raging hormones are innocent!”

“So. Can a woman rape a man? And does this story sound plausible to u?”

“This Beautiful 17-yr-old Girl, Lestina Marie Smith Is Set To Be Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Raping A 19-yr-old Man At Knifepoint.”

“the guy enjoyed himself.”

“I didn't see anything wrong with what she did cause am yet to see a man raped by a woman.”

“So a 17 year old girl faces life in prison for raping a man at knifepoint. Obviously rape is horrendous in every way. But only 3 months for Brock Turner....?”

And there you go. I was waiting for someone to bring up another rape case to somehow imply that her charges are too harsh. Rape is rape, we all know that. Or should. Brock Turner (click here to read what I wrote about him) is a scumbug asshole that should have been sent to my island experiment but he wasn't. Kid has money and power that raped a woman behind a dumpster and is now a free man. Lestina is a 17 year old chick that looks like a totally different human based on her Instagram filters and makeup that day. By the way, only two of those above quotes were from guys. Then of course you have comments with guys saying that they want to know where she is and that the guy that was raped enjoyed it.

There are plenty of reports of women and men having orgasms in the process of being raped. Its shameful as fuck but it happens and when it is not reported, which happens far more often than it should, it leads to all kinds of fucked up issues later in life. If you read this story or heard about it and doubted that a man could be raped then you are part of a very big problem. You can't look at someone and gauge their innocence based on their age, sex, or race. You can't say that someone should be set free for a crime because someone you didn't like did. Prison is for rehabilitation. Not sure how you can rehab this behavior. “Remember when I was 17 and raped that guy at knife point? Baby, can you pass the mashed potatoes?” An island. Think about it.  

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