Thursday, November 26, 2015

Grown Ass Man Tips: Learn To Cook

Today is Thanksgiving and there are a lot of grown ass men out there that are mad that their family or lady took too long to get ready to leave and get some food or upset she took too long to make it herself. Hey. Learn to cook. Yeah, I know a lot of us grew up with our mothers making the majority of meals that did not involve a grill. But times have changed. Lots of chicks aren't into that shit and some even see it as a throwback to a time when women were seen as less than men. But fuck all that. Learn to cook for yourself. 

You're a grown ass man and need to learn how to feed yourself in a way that doesn't involve picking a meal based on a number or waiting for someone else to shovel food into your stinkhole. Today I made an entire meal for Thanksgiving that had ham, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, cake, and stuffing. Took lots of mistakes to get it perfect but I have and I was very proud of myself. You can be too. Its not like you need to master fifty dishes. Just get good at about five and work from there. can continue to be a giant man-bitch that doesn't know how to feed himself.

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