Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cute Teacher Sexy Time

This 24 year old teacher was arrested for sleeping with a 17 year old student. Her name is Courtney Stewart of Richmond, Virginia and she continues to prove what I say when I say that 24 is too damned young to be teaching. They have not released information about whether the boy was a student of hers or not. Either way 17 year old me is raging with jealousy. 

She was arraigned on March 11th after spending the night in jail. Courtney has a masters in Special Education and Disability Policy which leads me to believe that this was not one of her students. I'm just saying.

She has been teaching since 2013 involving Earth science and biology. She has been suspended without pay after starting teaching at this particular school just last year. The first sexual encounter happened in either late November to December and the second time was last month. 

The school said “While privacy laws prevent us from sharing specific details, we want to reassure our families that Richmond Public Schools takes these allegations very seriously. Incidents of this nature are a direct violation of our district policies and appropriate action will be taken upon a thorough investigation. We appreciate the strong partnership with the Richmond Police Department as we continue to make every effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.” Yuh-huh. Sure ya are.

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