Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kids These Days 63

There is a new Assembly Bill 2536 that would give schools the right and ability to suspend and expel kids for sexting. Outside of school it is okay but not when at school or some kind of school event. The bill mentions pictures or audio being sent to students, staff, or used for bullying purposes. Assemblyman Ed Chau brought up the bill which about 20 other states already have at least in regard to anti-sexting.

In this new bill they want schools to start talking about sexting in health classes and even the legal issues you'll face for doing it. Some people are saying that stopping students from sexting would be infringing on their civil liberties. Read that again. They are worried that stopping kids from sending sexual texts and nasty shit to each other would be infringing on their civil liberties. I didn't even know you had those as a kid. Being a teenager to me was like some sort of prison work release program. By the way, you know what would've happened to me if if I got kicked out of school for sexting?

I can not imagine what it is like to be a kid today. I don't even want to know what its like. When I was a id if someone bullied you they would do it to your face. There were no nude pictures to send back and forth. Hell, seeing a naked woman meant finding a filthy ass magazine (figuratively and literally) and being grossed out by what the human body produced during sex. Now the only limit is your imagination.

And as a message to any kids in school sexting each other: don't. That shit is stupid. If you are in love with some guy in high school and he makes you think that the only way to prove you love him is by sending a naked picture you have just discovered what a scumbag is. And it doesn't end when school does. The faster you spot these guys the better.

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