Friday, March 4, 2016

Fake Teen Doctor Arrested Again

You know that 18 year old kid that I wrote about that got in trouble for impersonating a doctor? Well, in that post (click here to read that and here for one from the previous year) I mentioned some checks he may or may not have stolen and used from a patient that was being put on an ambulance. It seems the chickens have come to roost! Malachi Love-Robinson was arrested a few days ago on one count of larceny and five for using another person's identification without consent. These come from the 86 year old patient Anita Morrison. He was released and after leaving court did not say anything which is smart because this kid sounds like an asshole and just made things worse for himself.

The arrest report shows that Robinson used Ms. Morrison's account to make almost $35,000 in towards payment for credit cards and car loans. His lawyer is doing what a lawyer does and defending his client saying that it is just an accusation and that they do not have all of the evidence. The judge ordered Robinson to not possess any drugs, weapons, alcohol, and is banned from practicing any kind of medicine. He also ordered a mental health assessment which makes so much sense considering what this kid has done in the past and would have likely continued in the future. He is on a supervised release and can not contact Ms. Morrison. Robinson believes he has a doctorate because he got it from Ulife Church which is a Christian

His lawyer stated “I think we lose sight of who he is. He's really just a child. I know he's a grown man in the eyes of the law. The point is he's still a young man.” He also pointed out that he doesn't have to be a doctor to open a clinic. That's kinda scary. He compared Robinson to Donald Trump or Bill Gates. Should have left that first name off. Morrison says she went to Robinson because of stomach pains thinking he could help and that she paid him for medical tests that he said were delayed. So he gave her some vitamins. Probably Flintstone's. She said “Maybe I wanted to believe because I was in such pain. I just went along with it.”

There are still people defending this kid and thinking he is smart because of what he did. He tricked a lot of people. That doesn't make him smart. That makes him a dangerous liar. You could say “Maybe people should have done more research before going to him” but honestly how much research do you do for a doctor that is sticking needles in your arm? Or a dentist that is all up in your mouth? Oh, you used Yelp? Research complete! Let's attempt to ignore the fact he was doing physical exams on people. An 18 year old boy. He still stole money from an 86 year old woman along with all the other stuff I mentioned in the first post. I would never want this kid in a position where he wears any form of lab coat.

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