Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not The Bad Girl

There's a hot new convict in town! Angela Coates, 22, was arrested in DeKalb, Georgia for disorderly conduct about a month ago. Quinno sent me the link talking about how folk are comparing her to that dude that got arrested and all the women wanted to get pregnant by, Jeremy Meeks. Oh, how I remember him. Couldn't look at the TV or internet without seeing this blue eyed sumbitch staring at me.

Coates is a former Jet Beauty of the Week and a model. That's about all I know. She is getting a lot of attention because she is pretty but that's about it. She doesn't have the criminal history and gang affiliations like Meeks had so she isn't a bad girl. Well, I'm saying that not knowing what “disorderly conduct” means in her situation. She could've bottled someone for all I know which is a thing that a lot of women tend to do when they fight. She was released the same day she was arrested so she couldn't have been too much of a problem. At 5'7” and 140lbs. she's is a sturdy chick. She is also upset and won't be trying for any “crime mugshot look” as well as “I'm the female Jeremy Meeks.” She better hope not because the last I checked that fool was facing 10 years in prison. 

“Police take advantage of their authority each and every day and people assume that since I am 'attractive' that my life is perfect. Well it's not I was wrongfully arrested last month by an officer who abused his authority. Good night.” She said that but continued. “I design shoes my best friend was my dog who got killed I love Disney world and am very family oriented. I put my pants on just like you. But since I'm beautiful I'm just a horrible person. Ok young world.”

She's not gonna earn any sympathy acting like that. People get pissed when attractive people talk about having problems. It sucks but it is a part of life that I'm not a part of. Someone posted on Twitter “I would sell off our family house for the bond money, leave my wife and kids homeless for Angela Coates :(.” What a champion. This chick, since she is a model, needs to take advantage of whatever attention she gets from this that can lead to more work for her.  

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