Friday, June 17, 2016

My Current Jam: Rin Nakai

There is close to no consistency in the type of women that I like looking at. Looking at. Not dating. Not having sex with. Not even talking to. There are some women that I like to look at, smile, and go about my day. A few months ago I discovered this chick named Rin Nakai after hearing her mentioned on a podcast and the guys started shitting on her looks. Of course me being me I had to look for her and was pleasantly surprised by the way she looked. Lots of female MMA fighters are really hard bodied or look like they battle using the face to fist style but not Nakai. She is cute and would easily flip me to the ground and have me screaming to my ancestors for help.

She is 5 foot 1 and 135 pounds. She is 16-2-1. She is built like a brick shit house and likes to dress up to get attention. And it worked. Got her ass into the UFC. See, sometimes talent is not enough. Sometimes you have to talk a lot of shit, beat everyone in sight, or put on lingerie and wiggle around with a yoga ball lightly tapping your ass. This goes for men and women.

In some of her pictures she has the look on her face like those American Apparel models where you're not sure if you should get a boner or ask if she needs you to alert the authorities. I'm sure a lot of people will ask what is wrong with me for liking this chick. Look. Hey. Hey. Shut up. I can like what I want. I like plenty of strange and different women. You line up all my ex girlfriends and all they have in common is that they made the mistake of liking me at some point. It also helps that she has legs that can create diamonds.  

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