Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Current Jam: Asuka

Its funny how you can see someone a bunch of times and never think that they are that attractive and then one day they'll do something and you'll go “Oh. Well. It appears that I like that.” And by “you'll” I mean your penis. I had seen this wrestler named Asuka in NXT formerly known as Kana real name Kanako Urai a couple years back and thought she looked cool but it went no further than that. And then one day while looking for pictures to insert myself into I came across an animated gif of her and my face melted, my pants changed shape, and I started looking at this crazy ass chick in a different way. I think my voice got deeper too. Anyhoot, this is the image that got me.

There is something about that look in her eyes that makes me want to both undress and tuck my junk at the same time. She is 34 years old which means she is in a good dating range for me but she is from Japan and no Asian woman has ever been attracted to me. She designs graphics for games, loves American movies and rock and/or roll, and runs a hair salon. She also spends her time in the wrestling ring kicking girls heads off. I mean, come the fuck on.

A few weeks ago she started shouting some stuff in Japanese that sounded cool and I had to ask Kiyoshi what it was and he said it was pretty much “Come at me, bro!” I believe him. He speaks Japanese. Plus she isn't long on talking. The only thing I have heard her say in English was “You talk too much” which is pretty much what she's say to my chatty ass if we ever met. Or she'd kick my heart out of my back. She's like the crazy friend you are glad is on your side.

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