Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Newest Hot Teacher Alexandria Vera Arrested

Q. sent me this story. There is yet another hot teacher that has slept with a student. This post is written by Evil Dante. For those of you that don't know, Evil Dante will say things that regular boring ass Dante won't say...out loud. This is 24 year old Texas middle school teacher Alexandria Vera. Yes, 24 years old and teaching. I still say that you shouldn't be allowed to have children or teach before the age of 30. I mean, for society it makes sense but for a young boy having a 24 year old teacher would be the shit.

Anyhoot, she and the Boy Who Lived, The Man, Luckiest Guy Ever, My Hero, Baller, Lil Pimp, Lil Baller, The One, Goodyear Pimp, Fred Pimpstone, Ren & Pimpy, King of the Teachers, After School Special, Teachers Petter, Legend, Supercalifragiclicioushebesuchadopekid, The Chosen One, King of Everything, The Revenant, Three's Humpany, Diary of a Pimpy Kid, and He Who Has Sex With Teachers started their relationship at the start of the school year in 2015 and by January she was pregnant. That's right. Pregnant! She got an abortion after an investigation began but it was too little too late since folks were already in the know. I still applaud her decision. If she did anything right in her life it was that.

The boy is now 14 but that still doesn't make any of what they did legal. The boy flirted with her and asked for her number on Instagram. By the way, I should note that she is 24 with a 5 year old daughter. Yeah...there's that. She was an English teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston (which I have written about because a teacher stripped for a student in class before!) before being arrested and posting $100,000 bail. Vera says that the boy missed school one day and she got worried so she sent him a message online and he got the digits from her. She went to his place, he got in her car, and they started smooching. Later that month, September, they had sex for the first time. Vera also told police that they had sex almost daily at her house and that they love each other. He'd stay at her place overnight and take him home in the morning so he could catch the school bus. Give me a moment.

Vera was known as the “cool teacher” because she let kids use their phones in class and that rumors had started to spread about her and the boy. You can't really call it a rumor when the boy is likely letting anyone with a penis know what he is up to or to make girls jealous. Neighbors have started talking about the teacher and student saying “That kid was always over and she always told neighbors it was her brother.” In court documents Vera said that his parents knew about what they were doing and even invited her to gatherings and were excited about the baby. Sorry. One more moment.

Detectives say the kid “disclosed a sexual relationship with Vera” and “was able to identify the parts of the body and defined sex as putting his penis inside Vera's vagina.” They acting like this is happening in the 1970's! Did they show him a doll and ask where the bad teacher lady touched him? Hey. Any parent reading this: If your kid has a cell phone they know more about sex positions and have seen more than you have regarding the filthy things humans can do to one another.

Vera is gonna be facing felony charges including continuous sexual abuse of a child and could get anywhere between 25 and 99 years in prison. Ch-yeah right. This is one of those times where being a woman is way more beneficial because if this was switched and it was a 24 year old guy and a 14 year old girl he would be in a cell covered in his own blood and piss. But this chick? Two years tops. She'll move somewhere else with her daughter and get a teaching job somewhere else. 

A jealous father of a student at the school said “It's horrible for any father or any family member going through this situation. When you send your kid to the school you think everything will be safe for them and everything. But I think this is something that is serious that needs to be investigated.” Trust me. That boy has probably never felt more safe in his life.

These kind of stories pop up every few months. The teachers get younger and hotter. Me at my current age, I'm not fucking around with a 24 year old. That is way too young for me. But me at 13? 14? 15? 16? 17 years old? Oh, it is on like Donkey Kong! I would have fucked an Oklahoma 3 at that age just to have some ass. Its funny to read comments on stories like this where women talk about how disgusting it is and everything while guys have to sit and pretend like they agree. We know that teenagers shouldn't be fucking adults. We're not idiots. But...if given the chance many men would have slept with a teacher or four as well as some honest women out there. Whether what this chick did bothers you or not, when you rant and rave about it to a guy know not to ask him his thoughts on the situation unless you want the entire bed to yourself for the night.  

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