Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Florida Teen Plays Doctor For A Month

Florida. That's all I should write and just walk away. A teenager walked around a hospital for a month, as far as they are admitting, pretending to be a doctor at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach. It took a patient letting the staff know that a teenager was walking around the OB/GYN area wearing a lab coat with anesthesiology stitched on it. 

A security guard aka professional sitter told police that he had seen this kid around the hospital for a month and that he had been in secured areas for about a week. The teen told police that he'd been a doctor for years. His mother disagreed and told the cops that her son is not taking his medicine.

So many questions! Why didn't this security ever stop and question this kid wandering around the hospital? How long would this have gone on if a patient of all people didn't stop to say “There's a goddamn kid working here!”? Hey, mama? How come you don't know what your un-medicated kid is up to?! And last, how come he isn't being arrested and charged? Oh, right. Florida. The hospital released a statement of lies because that is what you do in situations like this. They sure as hell aren't gonna come out and admit that they have no idea what this kid was up to for a full month.

“On January 14, an individual was detained by security at St. Mary's Medical Center after falsely presenting himself as a physician. The individual never had contact with any hospital patients and did not gain access to any patient care areas of the hospital at any time. The hospital immediately notified local authorities, who took the individual into custody, and we are cooperating with their ongoing investigation. The safety and security of patients is our highest priority.”

No, its not! You lying liars who lie! How can you say the safety and security of your patients is your “highest priority” when a kid on meds is hanging around for a month unsupervised? You don't know what he did or what he had access to. I bet you he ended up doing something within a month. I've worked in a hospital and it is scary how easy it is to get into. I've had friends guess the security code to enter the most secure place and they get the answer right on the first or second try. I bet this happens more often than we'll ever know.  

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