Wednesday, May 3, 2017

DaddyOFive Kids Thankfully Taken Away

There is a Youtube channel called DaddyOFive and MommyOFive that some of you may have heard of from the news. I heard about them about a month ago of them pranking their kids. That's what they do. Its not even funny. Its the kinda shit that makes serial killers and school shooters. I'm not kidding. A lot of kids get fucked with by their family for far less and do some violent shit because of it let alone having it posted online for millions of people to see. The channel is run by the father Michael Martin and his wife Heather Martin. In another video commenting on people talking about their bad parenting skills they sit together and call everyone a hater. If you don't like seeing kids yelled at for things they didn't do and traumatized then you are a hater.

They are singing a different tune now. Heather stated “This has been the absolute worst week of our lives, and we realize that we have made some terrible parenting decisions. We just want to make things right.” She also said if she was someone else watching not knowing how she and her family were “I'd be thinking the same thing. I would be like, 'Oh my God, those poor children'.” Michael added “I acknowledge and I respect how everyone feels about this, and I do agree that we put things on the internet that shouldn’t be there. We did things that we should not do.” Michael has also blamed others for what happened to some of their children. Oh, what happened? CPS (Child Protective Services) came and got two of them away. 11 year old Emma and 9 year old Cody are in the “emergency custody” of their biological mother Rose Hall who said “Emma and Cody are with me. They're doing good. They're getting back to their playful selves.” Most people felt bad for Cody and after watching some of the shit done to this kid I have to agree. 

Maj. Tim Clarke of the Frederick County Sheriff's Department said in an interview “The investigation on our end is ongoing with respect to everyone who was in that household and those videos until we make a determination about anything criminal occurring. CPS has their own separate investigation that I can't comment on. We did serve the circuit court with a protective order last Friday giving custody of the two children to Rose Hall, their biological mother.” The Martin's have tried defending themselves saying that in the videos where the kids were not as jubilant when told that it was all a prank are just acting. Their channel had over 760,000 subscribers with almost 300 videos on their page.

In one video one of their sons, in defending his parents amid calling everyone a hater said that at least his parents don't beat them like other kids. That's like saying at least someone didn't try and kill you. And when not being killed saying at least you didn't die. You have to have some low ass expectations of your parents if not getting beaten is a check in the win column. You really need to raise that ol' bar there, kid. Watch some of those videos. They still exist out there because in the internet nothing really disappears. These parents are so confident that they are untouchable. Turns out they were wrong. 

In the apology video the Martin's released they say all the right things meaning it all sounded like the kind of shit you'd say if you wanted someone to believe you'd change when you just want to stay out of trouble. The father has his stuff pretty copped up and edited. Either said that they did everything to protect their kids from the backlash of the videos. What does that even mean? What backlash could be worse than knowing that when you get home your one of your asshole parents were gonna have a camera in your face laughing at you while you were crying?

Police have been reviewing the videos but as of today all of them have been removed except for the apology video. “We just really hope that we can help other people not make the same mistakes that we have, and we hope that we can show that we’ve learned from the things that we've done or said” Heather said. Yeah, I don't need the help of terrible shitty parents to know how to treat other human beings let alone kids. Ain't enough life coaches and counselors in the world for these people. And this isn't a case of saying kids are too soft these days. These parents are close to my age and act like a lot of people my age like we are still 18. But they are acting 18 with kids and that shit is so not cool. These are people sad because they got caught, not because they are shitty humans. 

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