Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kids These Days 71

When I first heard this story I was like “So what's the big deal?” I saw so many fights in school growing up and was in a couple. Hell, seeing a fight in school was one of the most exciting things that could happen. You remember what it was like if you missed a day at school? People would be like “There were three fights yesterday! Miss Aberley threw Tamika across the hallway! It was crazy!” It always happened like that. When you were there the fight was wack or would be broken up before it really started. These days kids are fucking savages and there are no one on one fights. Also, they record it. There is no evidence of fights from when I was growing up unless some kid got beat so bad they look or act different till this day. 

This fight happened at Cheltenham High School in Wyncote which is somewhere near Philly. These two girls started fighting and then two more jumped in because kids are kids. Everyone starts screaming and then some teachers try to break it up. There is a way to break up fights, you know. These teachers didn't and one of them tried to catch hands with her face and went down like a sack of bricks.

As you can see from the video provided she took a dive. I've watched boxing damn near 40 years and I know a dive when I see one. This was some Vladi Divac level shit. Some FIFA shit. That was a glancing blow at best. In all eight teachers were hurt. This shit started at 7:30am which means the shit talking started the previous night. Three of the girls were charged as children while one of them who is 18, Amber Lewis, was charged as an adult. Isn't the law weird? She was locked up on $10,000 bond. Goddamn. People beat up cops and get out for less than that. The school has offered counseling for students that are weaker than that teachers' jaw if they wanna talk about the fight.

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