Thursday, December 17, 2015

Castaway Accused Of Making Manwich Out Of Man

This dude from Salvador that survived for 438 days at sea is in deep trouble thanks to the family of the guy that he was with that is dead. 37 year old Jose Salvador Alvarenga and this 22 year old guy named Ezequiel Córdoba that was paid $50 set out to sea and shit got real when the small fishing boat got caught up in a storm and ended up over 6,000 miles away from where they were supposed to be. Alvarenga ended up writing a book about surviving this whole thing and the death of Córdoba.

Alvarenga says that he ate his own fingernails to survive and that his partner had trouble handling the situation. Gee. Ya think? He says he also ate raw fish, turtle blood, and his own piss. His friend died after a few months at sea and made Alvarenga promise not to eat his body and to tell his mother what had occurred. Córdoba's mother thinks that Alvarenga ate her son to survive an wants a million bucks from him. He says he talked to the dead body for almost a week before washing his feet, taking his clothes, and then slipping him into the ocean.

Alvarenga said in an interview “Not for one second did I think of eating Ezequiel. I wouldn't have done it, even if it meant that I starved. It would have been on my conscience forever.” His lawyer thinks the dead dudes family just wants some money. Well, I can understand that. And chances are her did make a Manwich out of their son. I don't know what I'd do in that situation. I don't think I could eat someone I knew. But I probably would.  

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