Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pick Me, Teacher!!!

I'm a fucking man-child. I am totally aware of this. I want as few responsibilities as possible, hate having to adult, and possess a very vivid memory particularly when it comes to the past and the opposite sex. In school I didn't have many attractive teachers. I don't even need one hand to count them all. I could have those honked up lobster hands and still have a digit left. I say all of this to defend my upcoming thoughts regarding this story of a 28 year old teacher named Haeli Wey from a high school in Texas called Westlake that had the sex with a couple of male students from her school. If you already have your comments regarding how terrible a teacher sleeping with a student is you can save it. I've done dozens of blogs like this one and am tired of defending my penis.

Now, from the jump this story is all kinds of wrong. Wey was on a trip with one of the boys family in Africa. For real. How about wondering why a teacher is going on a trip with the family of one of her students? The dad had to know something was up. One of the boys, I refuse to say victim, met her at a student ministry program and...wait. What? Red flag number one! In case you don't know, most religious based school programs are for hooking up. Later that summer their relationship became more physical on the trip to Africa. The muthafuckin' cradle of civilization! 

They continued having sex even after the trip but the boy stopped after finding out that the teacher was banging some other boy as well. Hater. At first he didn't believe these tales until he saw messages between the teacher and the other boy on Instagram. Goddamn you, internet! Then he told his parents who then called the cops. This second boy told cops that Wey invited him on a hike and a few hours later they did the damn thing. He told police “a teacher just doesn't hang out with a student to hang out.”

Source: science.

Wey wanted this boy to keep it on the DL but that's like trying to carry the ocean home in your hands. Possible but stupid. She said “Delete our convo from Instagram please and don't let anyone get a hold of ur phone.” She then talked to the first boy asking after finding out about a police report “What did you tell them?” as well as “Why did you tell them?” Seriously. Why?!?! Jealousy?! You think your inexperienced 17 year old dick can handle a 28 year old woman?! You can double your age and be close to hers and still not be enough.

So Wey has posted bond and has two counts of felony improper relationship. In Texas the age of consent is 17 but the fact that she was a teacher and they were students totally fucks her. These kind of stories always get to me because when I was in school I could get no play. My wang was drier than Gandhi's ankles and I would have loved for some even okay looking teacher to hold me after class and let me get some extra credit.  

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