Friday, December 18, 2015

Kids These Days 62

I hate the youth of this world. I don't even care of it makes me sound like an old man. Its true. Bunch of idiots that are going to make sure the future is as terrifying as possible. I found out about this thing called the Condom Challenge. No, its not that thing where I get laid once every two years and have to race to find a condom in my apartment. 

It started off with snorting a condom and pulling it out through your throat. I didn't know that this was the original way to do this. There is no real reason anyone should be doing this. Ever. Unless you just like the idea of video of you sticking a greasy ass condom up your nose and yanking out through your throat. Which you shouldn't. I'm sick of people thinking that doing something like this is a challenge. I would imagine that tying your shoes or crossing the street safely is a challenge for kids that think this stuff is a good idea. Its hard enough doing the Black Guy With No Criminal Record Challenge let alone dying with a condom lodged in my throat.

The first version I actually saw had these people having a friend drop a condom filled with water over their head and dropping it so that it covered their face. It was all fun and games until this 17 year old kid named Hector Cruz got the herpa derp after using a used condom. You read that right. He found a condom in his fathers room that was used, tried this, and got the herpes. 

Why would you go near a used condom let alone pick it up, fill it with water, and burst it over your head? That is some shit even the Germans won't do. Now he is trying to warn others not to try this challenge. I didn't know this Condom Challenge also doubled as the Dump A Used Condom Full Of Herpa Derp On Your Lips Challenge. I watched a few of these and hoped for someone to fill one of these with a chunk of ice and just end their stupid friends misery. For anyone saying it is just a silly game get back to me if you are alive in five years and trying to be special. Folks will Google you and see a condom wrapped around your face that is now covered with your fathers herpes. 

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