Sunday, December 27, 2015

Whites Only "Reunion"

“It had a great, high wall with twelve gates, and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.” Revelation 21:12

Jim ran to the spot that Satan just occupied. Could he have been telling the truth? In all honesty Heaven had not been concerned with the planet Earth for quite a while. Time moved differently for them. In the amount of time it took for Red to ensure that his robe looked righteously tattered three humans will have been born, lived, and died of old age.

“Belial! Tsor! Wicked one! Little horn! Apollyon!” Red shouted as he shook his first to the ground.

“We do not have time for that right now” Jim said as he exited the room. “One hundred million angels and none knew this was going to happen?”

“How could they?” Red asked.

“Oh, shut up” Jim whispered. He grabbed a cherubim that was battling the loose souls and demons by flailing wildly at nothing by its small wings. “Where is the Lord?”

“Aah!” the human face shouted while the bull and lion remained silent.

“Those always creeped me out if I'm being honest” Red said as Jim released the cherubim. “I mean...why do they even look like that? Seems a bit excessive.”

“That's what Raphael said so long ago” Jim sighed. “Speaking of which. Archangels! Hear our cries!”


“Well...that is certainly new” Red said as he pointed to the mercy seat laying on its side. “He is never not on His chair.” Raphael appeared suddenly startling Red. “Must you?!”

“What?” Raphael said/asked. “What's going on here?”

“That” Jim began “is for you to know and tell us, Archangel? That is your title, right?”

“And what's yours?” Raphael asked, taking a step towards Jim.

“Easy there” Jim said while holding his hands up. Red noticed he took a moment to make sure his nails were perfect. Raphael was the one responsible for removing Satan from Heaven and knew how close Jim and Satan were. Their relationship was cordial at best. Suddenly a roar split the tension.

“About time!” Samael screamed as he raised his flaming sword. “Raphael! Are you ready to defend His temple?!” Red took three steps back. “Jim! Surely you are ready!”


“Of course he isn't” Raphael said smugly. “If the enemies were a hangnail he would be our champion.” Raphael spread his mighty wings and took flight as Samael followed immediately after, laughing the entire way.

“I thought he was gone” Red said, finally able to breathe. “He looks too horrible to be in such a place of beauty.”

“Whoa” Michael said as he appeared behind Jim and Red. Red collapsed to the ground out of fear but quickly made it appear as if he were praying to Michael. “What's all this?”

“Why does everyone keep wondering that?!” Jim shouted. “Was there no one paying attention to the underworld?” Michael shrugged.

“You smell like him” Michael said accusingly to Jim. “So do you” he said to Red.

“He was just here pleading his case right before all of this happened” Jim said. Michael raised an eyebrow. “He says that he has not had any new souls in 1,500 years.”

“He even showed us” Red said, not making eye contact with Michael.

“'He even showed us'” Michael said mockingly. “Look. Your old buddy shows up, moments later this happens, I the math.”

Jim sighed not wanting to waste time explaining how that made no sense. But if he spoke it would make him appear guilty due to his past relationship with Satan. The environment rippled for a moment as Sandalphon appeared.

“We gotta go.”

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