Friday, April 1, 2016

Kids These Days 64

I hope you parents out there have medical insurance because you are gonna come home to your dumb ass child laying on the floor holding their broken arm because they decided that life was a cartoon. There is a new “challenge” that kids have started called the Banana Peel Challenge. This kid named Jason Oakes started it for reasons. He filmed himself trying to fall while sliding on a banana, posted it on Twitter, and the next thing you know other kids are doing it.

Each video is the same. A dumb ass wastes a banana by throwing it on the floor and trying to fall. Most of them fall after a few attempts and then lay on the ground hurt. Since 1948 there have been four people that have died from banana peel related incidents. Besides being the most embarrassing funeral ever having to tell someone that you can't take a vacation because you had to spend all your savings on medical bills because your kid wanted to be internet famous for falling on a banana.

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