Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Robot Catches People Having Sex

There was this story I saw about a prostitute named Amanda Zolicoffer who is 27 going on 53. She was caught by a camera drone fucking this older man in Oklahoma to which I say if you live in Oklahoma and are not getting some street strange that's on you. You're not living your life to its fullest potential. The old guy is 76 year old Douglas Blansett. My spell check hates both of these folks names. So Douglas was getting it in at the age of 76 with this...woman, and a goddamn robot filmed it, police got it, then the next thing you know both of them are in trouble and charged with public lewdness. Its bullshit.

The guy that filmed it is named Brian Bates and he is the worst kind of snitch. The kind that records shit. His drone spotted Douglas turning down a road and followed it to a tire yard where Douglas and Amanda decided to do the damned thing. As he filmed them they noticed that Skynet was in the area and stopped fucking. 

One investigator mentioned that he was familiar with Amanda meaning she has been busted a bunch of times as you can tell by the amount of mugshots I found. She has been charged with things in the past. Small things like cocaine trafficking, credit card theft, larceny, concealing stolen property, leaving the scene of an accident, and of course prostitution.

Bates has been running JohnTV.com for a while where he films hookers and the guys that use them. Now, I can imagine hitching your wagon to a cause but people fucking people shouldn't be one unless the people getting fucked or fucking are underage or something. When two grown ass humans want to fuck they should be allowed to. Douglas is 76. I am sure that if he is married that his wife doesn't want that shit anymore. I don't wanna be fucking at 76 but with the way technology is there will be 70 year olds that have kids. Its terrifying.

Prostitution should be legal. Plain and simple. As a single guy if I knew that I could pay about $40 and get my wang mouthasized I would for sure be saving up every check to get it done a few times a week. No lie. Why not? If I'm in a relationship of course I wouldn't. But it would be nice to know that if I am bored with PornHub that I could walk down the street and get some false love. And why is it okay for police to know that someone is filming people fucking?! That for sure sounds like something that should be illegal to do. 

Think about that. Imagine if you were in your house having the sex. You like to be tied up and beaten until you scream “Buffalo Soldier Dreads Like Rasta!” and someone records it and sends it to cops. Your partner gets arrested for assault. Capital A.S.S. Is that fair or right? No. Even though these folks were in public its a tire yard. Ain't no kids in a tire yard and if they are then their parents are doing a bad job. 

So this guy sending shit to cops because two adults decided to make an honest exchange of money and bodily fluids shouldn't be something that is applauded. Its crazy how a few years ago no one wanted cameras watching our every move but now we demand it. We want them in phones, cars, the streets, businesses, and even the sky. Way to go, Earth.  

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