Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dante's Double Standard Corner 1

Hello. This is my first and possibly last installment of what I am calling Dante's Double Standard Corner. Every logical human should know that there are double standards in the world and in some cases choose to disregard the fact that some work in your favor depending on your race, sex, or country of origin. Black dudes are said to have big dicks. Women get into clubs free on certain nights and get free drinks because...women. And you never headbutt a Samoan because they feel no pain there. Source: wrestling. You still with me? Good. Or not depending on how far you make it. In this post I am going to talk about a teacher that slept with a student. I have written dozens o posts about this and depending on how hot the teacher is I'll express varying ranges of jealousy, envy, or desire to time travel.

This story involves 27 year old (meaning too young to be a high school teacher because she was, like, just there) Sarah Fowlkes. As you can see, she is cute. Not cute as fuck which is a term I've been overusing lately, but cute. She taught biology at Lockhart High in Texas since 2014. Reports say she is facing 20 years of convicted which made me laugh so hard I fainted, bumped my head, and forgot what love was. She turned herself in and took that chipper ass mugshot. Oh, and she was arrested just after her birthday. So...yeah. I hate when bad things happen on special days so every year she is gonna look forward to this personal disappointment.

A school administrator called police about her relationship with a student but I still don't know how they found out. But seeing as how the “victim” (I am serious about them quotation marks!) was 17 its not difficult to find out. Chances are he showed it to one too many people or the wrong one person. Everyone knows that one guy or girl that is the equivalent of standing in the middle of a packed mall and just shouting information. Anyway, the kid is 17 and 17 year old boys are about as smart as 35 year old men. Which means just about the same. Police found messages between the two “of a sexual nature” and Fowlkes turned herself in.

The 17 year old said that he and Fowlkes had sexual contact with each other. She has been married to her husband for about four years which is pretty much the limit these days for staying loyal in a relationship. Can you tell I'm jaded? The school superintendent Susan Bohn stated “Lockhart parents entrust their children to us every day, and it is something we do not take lightly. Student safety is the district's most important priority. As soon as we learned of the report, we acted swiftly to involve law enforcement and CPS to conduct a thorough investigation. The district does not and will not tolerate any improper communication or contact between a teacher and child.” Don't think I didn't laugh when I read Fowlkes message on the schools website saying “I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher as well as of my students and I hope that this will be a formula for achievement. I want this to be an enjoyable year for all of my students but also a productive, challenging and encouraging year with success for everyone.” I bet it was very enjoyable for one particular.

Chances are that this woman wont do a moment in jail. She'll get probation and find a job doing something else. She'll likely get divorced and thankfully she doesn't have any kids. See how my moral barometer is just all over the damned place? There was another teacher that I wrote about in Texas a while back named Haeli Wey (click here to check that out). She just got sentenced a few weeks ago with some shit called “deferred adjudicated probation” for ten years. I had to look that up since I never heard of it.

“Deferred Adjudication is a type of probation. A defendant is placed on a probation for a certain period of time. If the probation is successfully completed, the case is 'dismissed.' A defendant will enter a guilty plea, but the judge does not find the defendant guilty and instead 'defers' the finding of guilt. Pleading guilty for Deferred Adjudication is not considered a conviction under Texas law. A criminal background check will show the arrest for the charge, will show the Deferred Adjudication, but it will not show a conviction.”

So its like it never really happened. Wey was the one that banged some male students during a trip to Africa. Its fine. You can read that sentence again. When I first heard that story I started talking like Yoda for a damned minute. “No sense this makes.” I think a lot of these lady teachers that do this are partially doing it because they know that the punishment will never fit the crime. They will get some weird ass probation or some counseling and get set free while if a make teacher pulled this same shit his house would be set on fire and his balls stomped like grapes.

And I'd be fine with that.

See?! Double standards! I'm not sure if its because I had a few crushes on teachers in school or because my dick was touched less than an Edible Arrangement at an office party but when I see these kinda stories I just think “You lucky sumovuhbitch!” and when dudes mess with young girls I want them punched so hard their ancestors feel it. In Texas the age of consent is 17 so like in Wey's case while it is legal it is not because she was his teacher. Think about that. Her occupation is the only reason the fact that she slept with a teenager is illegal. Its like a reverse priest.  

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