Friday, June 5, 2015

Best of Black Prophet Volume 1

Years ago I was a part of one of the best internet based radio programs called Tha O Show with hosts Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o. I was just a fan and one day got the chance to enter a contest to become a writer for the show sending in articles. I didn't win that but I got the chance to play an on air character, Tha Black Prophet: The Prophet of Rage.

Donnie gave me a call after sending in my article and he had an idea. Me being me I said I could do it even before I knew if I'd be able to or not. That's how my brain works. So we did the first take and I got no response. Turns out they needed silence for recording. Donnie had me do it again but said “Sound angrier.” It worked. The rest is history. Terribly offensive history.

I got to talk to and be on the show with some great and fun wrestlers. Getting to go back and forth with Notorious TID and Rico Montana were some of my favorite parts. Once I started going live I had to think on my toes and for the love of god not break character. There were a few times I came very close. That's where the now infamous “You muthafucka!” came from. It was easy to just say that when on the verge of laughter. Now I feel I need to explain a few things. This is a character I played. I say a lot of horrible shit and use words I never use in my actual life. Its like Pretty Ricky. I'm not actually a gay ghost...or am I?

So hopefully you enjoy this. There will be a few more but this is just from my first appearance in episode 47 to my first live one in episode 100. Thanks to Donnie who is now running The Bench and Dan-e-o who is rapping better than ever before and everyone else that made this character one of the most hated for almost 6 years. Click here to download this.

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