Monday, June 1, 2015

Teacher Suspended Over Facebook Rage

This high school teacher in Alabama went H.A.M on some students after a prank that they pulled. Me, I'm not a prankster. I like watching them depending on what they are but am fine never being a participant. Cindy Stephens is the teacher and band director at Sylvania High School where four recent grads decided to use a spreader to put chicken shit all over the road around the school. Cindy didn't appreciate that literal shit and went on Facebook to vent. Don't ever do that. I don't even know why teachers have Facebook these days because it always bites them in the ass. 

People in the community were upset at what she wrote. Me, not so much. I mean, what these former students did was stupid and what she did was stupid but I probably would've said worse about these kids. She has been suspended with pay while they pretend to not applaud her actions. Here is what she posted on her page.

A county board member named Matt Sharp said “The best thing to do is to go to a quiet place, maybe talk with your family. Don't put it on Facebook.” Good advice that no one will heed. She should have learned not to make her page public which you can tell by that little globe next to her name. She has deleted her page since. The students that took part in this prank were given 120 hours of community service and pay the thousands it cost for cleanup. Police chief Ross Greenwood said “We don't want to mark the kids' record for the rest of their lives for a stupid mistake, but they're going to have to be punished for what they did, too.” If any of the students fail to complete their service all of them will face charges. Ooh. Burn.  

When I read what she wrote I laughed because it gets worse as it goes on. She censored herself which is funny. You don't wanna sound offensive when you're sincerely hoping that someone becomes a prison bitch. I also had to look up what a chicken spreader was because that is a world that I'm not a part of. 

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