Friday, June 26, 2015

I Care When I Want 2

Years ago I made the decision to stop watching the news. I know that a choice like that would make it seem like I am misinformed, stupid, or don't care about world issues. Well, that is mostly true. I try not to care about world issues because when I was younger my hair fell out from stressing about things that did not concern me or I couldn't change. Most of the stuff in the news are things I can't change or just horrible shit.

A few days ago I just left the TV on and the news started with a huge fire, then a murder, then another murder, then a missing teen, then a kidnapping, then a police standoff, then a protest about police doing terrible shit, then a dog was found, then a mountain lion got too close to humans, some robberies, and then some cat that could do a stupid trick. It was a roller coaster of nonsense. What does seeing all that shit do for me? Tell me how dangerous the world is? Yeah, there are riots in some country I'll never visit. Sucks to be there just like it sucks to be here for other reasons. I try not to get into who has it worse contests.

I know that people like to know what's going on in the world. It gives folks something to talk about other than their lame ass jobs as gatherings. “Isn't what's going on in Pakinstan terrible? I can't believe the things one human can do to another!” Oh, shut up. Yes you can. Why? Because people have been doing jacked up things to each other since the first caveman slammed a rock on a smaller one because he wanted to get some cave-woman stank on his fur covered hang low. That sentence is gonna end up in a textbook somewhere.

I'm in a place mentally where I only have room for what I want room for. There is a drought here in California. Okay. That concerns me. I won't waste water which means my pubes won't be on fleek as often as usual. My carbon footprint is barely existent. Mentally I'm trying to get cleared up and have been eating a little bit better. I'm starting with myself because the better I am the better I can make my friends feel. It starts at home like Gandhi once said. Or someone. 

Most people say that but they don't actually do it. They give money to charities texting on phones with materials mined by pygmies that are still hunted for meat. Yeah, I wrote about that one before. We all need to start worrying about our own shit because mentally we are not ready to do it on a global scale no matter how smart we think we are. How about cleaning your own car before volunteering to pick up trash at a beach you never visit? That picture above is of a crack in my ceiling that was finally repaired. I waited years to even report it. Why? Because I couldn't be bothered until pieces of it fell down. This is how my mind works and why you love me. 

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