Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Carl's Jr Last Meal Burger

I saw a commercial for Carl Jr's. new All American Thickburger and was grossed out imagining people eating it in public. It contains a beef, hotdogs, kettle chips, and cheese. Now I thought that Domino's new hotdog in the crust pizza with a side of mustard was bad, but this is on a whole...'nother...level. You couldn't eat this and do anything afterward. You don't chow down on this and get back to work after a lunch break. You don't eat this on a date. Why? Because you'll be peeing out of your butt half an hour later. If you made this yourself at home it'd be better because whatever they do to burger meat at restaurants it causes bowels to loss their structural integrity like the Enterprise's shield. And the chick in the commercial probably cleaned her hand with fire after filming this. She ain't ever eat this thing in her life!  

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