Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sunny With A Chance Of Boners

Back when I was a kid I used to watch the weather reports with this guy known as Dr. George. His actual name was George Fischbeck but he was known by the other. People say the weather never changes in Los Angeles and while that is mostly true when I was a kid it seemed to change more often. We had more rain, more thunder storms, and hail. It doesn't hail anymore which I'm sure my Grandmama would be grateful for since she thought it was bad luck.

I assumed that Dr. George died back in the 90's or something but when looking up an image for him to write this I found out that he died this past March at the age of 92. He was a type of weatherman that is not around as much anymore meaning old and a man. Today the weather forecasters are women that wear very little or the same older guys from when I was a kid.

Jullian Barberie was the first one that I can think of that started wearing smaller skirts and more revealing tops on morning news and I wanted nothing to do with it. To me she was the perfect embodiment of the type of girl I didn't want to be around. I could not stand her voice and sometimes she would just ranble while there just happened to be weather happening behind her on screen.

I was watching TMZ and they were talking about this lady in Mexico named Yanet Garcia and it reminded me that during junior high and high school that I'd watch the weather just to see a hot woman that early in the morning. I would wait to see Vera Jimenez every damned morning until she started bouncing around networks. She may be why I had that one girlfriend.

I have said that women on the new now dress like they are going to a club as soon as they leave the studio. Jackie Johnson always looks like she is ready to go out and party. Gone are the days of weather forecasters in business suits. Johnson tends to top every sexy weather lady list.

Elita Loresca is one I started seeing too late meaning that by the time I found out who she was her foot was halfway out of the door and she got pregnant. That's another thing! Maybe it is specific to Fox 11 here in L.A but all of those women get pregnant. They take turns with it. Loresca even posed for FHM.

If anyone is upset there are no Black chicks on this list don't get mad at me. I can't think of a single Black woman that did the weather on a regular basis. I saw one do a fill in once but that was it. 

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