Monday, June 15, 2015

Stupid Flakka User & Horse Bangery

Some people just need to be pulled aside and spoken to by Jesus or someone that is concerned about their mental well-being. This 19 year old chick from Florida, of course, named Daneshia Heller was arrested after making a call to cops. I know that sounds crazy but give me a moment. She called police because she wanted to buy some weed and gave a dealer $5 and he never came back with the drugs. When police showed up they found a bag of white substance on her. Turns out she had some flakka on her which is a crazy ass new drug that I've written about before. She was charged with misusing 911 and drug possession. 

She had been arrested in the past for violating the terms of a bond for a battery charge in the past. When I went looking for an image of her I saw about three different images of her. That is never a good sign. At the moment she is still looked up with no bond. You'd have to already be high to call cops because when you are calling them because you made an illegal drug transaction and got ripped off you just have to take that loss and hope for better luck next time. And why have an even more dangerous drug on you when waiting for the cops?! Its like drinking beer in the drivers seat while reporting that you were involved in a hit and run.

Then we have a guy in Texas that was arrested for the third time for fucking a horse. Yeah. 45 year old Cirilo Castillo was finally heading to court after an incident in February where he broke his leg fucking a horse for the third time since 2012. The owner of the horse called cops early in the morning because some dude was in her barn hurt. When cops came she told them she knew who he was because his nasty ass had been arrested before for horse banging and ordered to stay away. Its sad when the courts have to tell you to stop touching the horsies. 

Castillo said that he had been hit by a car and crawled to the barn. Uh-huh. The house wasn't in the mood and kicked his dumb ass. We all know what that's like, eh, fellas? Try to sneak the sausage into your lady early in the morning and she just ain't having it. Next thing you know you're at work mad at everyone for no reason. If he goes to jail he'll be there for five months. Plenty of time to plan his next secret rendezvous. In the first instance he spent 270 days in jail and in the second he was caught going downtown on a female horse and having the sex. Ew! Come on, dude! Its nasty to go around fucking horses but for some reason adding the oral makes it way worse.  

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